3 Ideas To Redecorate Your Office After You Ditch File Cabinets

By Optiform Blogger, March 12, 2016


How many file cabinets are in your building?

Look around your office and do a count of the number of file cabinets in your area. On your way to the break room for lunch and out the door this evening, notice the other offices in your building; do they have file cabinets? If you are like me, you may have worked in an office that had a designated room that was a file cabinet holding cell that houses multiple cabinets for archives. Technology has advanced and there is an application that can help to eliminate this clutter. We will show you EMC ApplicationXtender below.virtual-file-cabinet

Are they multiplying?

If your company has been in business for more than a year or two, the chance that your office is swimming in paper that may or may not be properly filed away is pretty high. Do you ever look for a file and discover that it has been placed in the wrong order? You are a lucky one. You actually found the file for which you were searching. Others are not always as fortunate. Their file was placed so far out of order that it is in the file cabinet in the next room where no one is going to think to search because it was filed under invoices when clearly it is an application for employment. Sigh…

EMC ApplicationXtender: There is hope

With applications like EMC’s ApplicationXtender, you are easily able to scan, capture, and import important documents into a virtual file cabinet and access them via the installed application either on your computer at your office desk or via the web application where data is stored in the cloud.
You can even access it using their mobile apps. After you scan your document into ApplicationXtender, anyone, as long as they have proper permissions based on the role you have assigned to them, will be able to access any documents that have been scanned without needing to open the cluttered filing cabinet drawers ever again.

Interested in seeing a demo? Get in touch with our sales team.  They recently released a new version of the software. Read about the release on the EMC blog.

You can also watch this video to get an understanding of how the solution works:

Now that you can start moving file cabinets out the door, take a look at 3 amazing offices we found:

Google: Tents for meetings, a spot to play live music, and a lunch buffet!

Candy Crush: A glass atrium, a supercharged video conferencing area, and a beautiful spiral staircase!

Dropbox: Super sweet reception area, they also have a music room, or a nature wall of fame!

What will you do with all your extra office space?

Leave ideas in our comments section. We can’t wait to hear what you are thinking!

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