OpenText LiquidOffice’s business process management (BPM) capabilities range from internal corporate “web forms” to the comprehensive rules-based forms that drive the core of an organization’s business.

Intelligence is automatically built directly into the form to improve data accuracy and determine the correct business workflow, delivering the most efficient processes possible.  In addition, OpenText LiquidOffice ensures compliance by transparently creating an audit log of all activities and provides the security of both HTML and PDF digital signature support.  Using open standards such as XML, HTML, and PDF, OpenText LiquidOffice’s rapidly deployable server and form design environment make it simply the fastest way to put intelligent forms and documents online.

OpenText LiquidOffice incorporates the Process Designer which is a graphical design application that allows users to logically map the flow of a particular forms process with little or no coding. Process Designer integrates with the OpenText LiquidOffice Form Server and OpenText LiquidOffice Process Engine to provide a comprehensive server-based workflow environment that enables business users to define processes involving human and automated tasks, transitions, decision points, automated notifications, sub-workflows and more. Generating real business value with OpenText LiquidOffice.

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What to Expect

OpenText LiquidOffice enables organizations to stay competitive by increasing the efficiency and productivity of every employee in the organization and streamlines the processes which touch external partners and the public.

Rapid return on investment
Eliminates waste associated with manual processes, printing and storing.

Increases employee productivity
Utilizing standard Web browsers, users have 24/7 access to dynamic HTML or PDF forms with intelligent features, including database auto-fill profile fields, automatic routing, and line-of-business connectivity.

Reduces operational costs
Adds automated business rules to corporate forms, eliminating redundant administrative tasks.

Eliminates data errors
Incorporates database validations, calculations, and other intelligent eForm features.

Standards Based
OpenText’s standards-based architecture enables easy connectivity to various back-end databases and other line-of-business applications.

OpenText LiquidOffice provides businesses and government organizations with a solution that automates all aspects of form-driven processes. Automating the use and processing of forms offers the greatest return-on-investment opportunity for any organization considering implementing an enterprise application.

Manually routing, managing and entering data from paper forms is slow, expensive and erodes productivity. OpenText LiquidOffice provides the complete infrastructure needed to put form and document processes online, connecting corporate forms with database, ERP, accounting and back-office applications. Through the distribution and automation of organizational forms including expense reports, purchase orders, and time-off requests, you will significantly increase worker productivity.

Trusted & Secure

OpenText LiquidOffice, formerly HP LiquidOffice, is a complete interactive business solution that leverages XML, HTML and PDF standards. OpenText’s commitment to standards has fundamentally changed the approach for automated online forms away from the proprietary client/server model to a standards-based Web solution without requiring the deployment of proprietary, cost-prohibitive “filler” clients or Java applets. Standards-based online systems like OpenText Process Enterprise allows you to support external users with its Public Access Option without any additional design or development effort.

  • Automation Enterprise leverage your existing Internet infrastructure and add Enterprise to your existing workgroup, email and content management investments.
  • Various state, federal and worldwide mandates have significantly increased the demand for Form management systems. Organizations with significant numbers of static PDF forms are implementing these solutions to meet the following mandates:
  • Reduction or elimination of paper to speed internal processes or to speed service to the citizenry. (U.S. GPEA; U.K. GovTalk)
  • Acceptance of electronic signatures to enable the reduction or elimination of paper. (U.S. ESignature Act; U.K. MAFF)
  • Address patient privacy concerns. (HIPAA)
  • Increase accessibility through the use of technology, including “speaking” and Braille access. (U.S. Section 508)


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