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An innovative solution for eliminating costs associated with processing Explanation of Benefit Forms. 

eobXL for Kofax Capture, developed by Optiform as a custom module for Kofax Capture (formerly Ascent Capture), provides an unprecedented level of automated data processing capabilities over traditional methods used for paper Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms.  Kofax Capture is an industry-proven system framework for document capture, data transformation, and integration with critical business information systems certified for a HIPAA compliant and enterprise scalable architecture.  Together, the two solutions enable healthcare providers to significantly reduce the labor-intensive task of manually posting cash payments and archiving document images.  By utilizing a sophisticated logic engine, the eobXL custom module automatically identifies and extracts individual payment transactions and related detail data from scanned images.  Data validation and balance reconciliation is performed in the eobXL custom validation module where EOB specific processing tasks are employed.  Payment data can be exported to a HIPAA 835 EDI message format and redacted images can be sent to patient folders in a medical record system.  The eobXL solution has been shown to provide OCR accuracy rates as high as 99.96% which translates to a review rate of less than 50 keystrokes per 100,000 characters processed.  This increased speed and accuracy results in fewer FTEs, shorter payment cycles, decreased exception processing, faster image retrieval, and improved secondary billing.  Additional features include:

  • Zero scripting required to setup document classification and data extraction rules
  • Automatically identifies and groups payment level transactions
  • Converts data to pre-defined formats
  • Finds missing data fields
  • Reconciles individual payments against total check amount and finds errors
  • Exports data to HIPAA 835 EDI messaging format
  • Automatically exports redacted images for single patient image(s)
  • Cross-maps remark codes to ANSI text descriptions
  • Handles missing pages
  • Point-and-click OCR for quick editing

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