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  • Repurpose Old File Cabinets After Digital Transformation

    In the planning process of digitizing your business documents, you may be wondering what you can do with the file cabinets you won't need when the paper has cleared.

    We thought that a little creative inspiration could help motivate you to get the transformation kicked off with excitement of a celebratory Pinterest project as the carrot being dangled at the end.

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  • Infographic – AP Automation Checklist

    When considering an Accounts Payable department digital transformation project, planning ahead and ensuring that you understand how impactful the implementation will be on your organization is critical to project success.

    Let us share eight pointers that you should account for in the planning process. This handy infographic can also help you get the rest of the team on board.

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  • Dissecting the Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description

    Accounts Payable Clerks job descriptions often contain much of the same content. When processes are repeatable, there are opportunities to automate them.

    For example: Matching and batching code, resolving AP issues, processing expense reports, updating and reconciling sub-ledger to GL and processing checks are primary areas of focus.

    Learn how your team can reduce steps and transform your AP department.

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  • NEW! ABBYY Recognition Server Is Now FineReader Server

    UPDATE! ABBYY Recognition Server is now ABBYY FineReader Server.

    Formerly ABBYY Recognition Server, this full-text Optical Character Recognition software has rebranded as ABBYY FineReader Server. The new version, ABBYY FineReader Server 14, is powered by the next generation of ABBYY’s intelligent OCR technology, and it offers improved barcode recognition and more.

    We've got the updates for you!

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  • Automate These Business Processes To Improve Customer Experience

    You keep thinking about it. Now is the time to put it into action!

    Consider this blog post the call to action for your business process New Year's resolution.

    We want you to stress less about the little things that add up to big things when you have slower than necessary business processes.

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  • OpenText TeleForm 16.5 Release Notes

    TeleForm has a new set of updates! Release 16.5 is now available for you to review and install updates.

    Just to start, a new OpenText recognition engine has been embedded which provides improved quality and performance for machine print and barcode recognition. Great news!

    OpenText has also worked to improve product quality, security, and support new platforms.

    Check it out!

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