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  • Improve the College Admissions Processes With OCR

    ABBYY can help educational institutions who require innovative solutions to make the most of limited resources - by providing affordable, efficient and accurate document processing.

    Now institutions can significantly improve their productivity and lower the costs of managing the paper produced by students, faculty and staff.

    ABBYY helps streamline processes in lower and higher education.

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  • ABBYY Launches Global Initiative Promoting Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

    Three-fourths of consumers say they won’t buy from unethical companies, while 86% say they’re more loyal to ethical companies.

    Therefore, ABBYY made public its core guiding principles on developing, maintaining and promoting trustworthy AI technologies and advocates for other technology leaders to do the same.

    “With ethics in mind, we have the ability to transform the future in a manner that promotes innovation, accelerates technological advancements, and augments human intelligence, creativity and capabilities responsibly.”

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  • Get a Grip on Incoming Unstructured Content in Digital Transformation

    What good is data if you can't analyze it?

    Unstructured data entering your organization may not be utilized to its fullest. Missing data, misplaced data and manual steps to process said data creates a silo of less-than-usable information that your team could be recruiting to make critical decisions for your business.

    Get more than better vision in 2020; transform how your company handles incoming data - structured, semi-structured and unstructured alike.

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Logistics Automation?

    Customers are demanding their orders more immediately than ever before. Without automation, keeping up with the demands of your customers can drive customers to shop from your competitors.

    If the ordering/purchasing process is slow, painful or worse; customer may not receive their orders leading to more bad customer relationships and furthering their justification to shop elsewhere.

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  • Keeping Scanners Clean – Tips For Equipment Cleanliness

    Offices are breeding grounds for germs.

    If you are concerned with keeping your teams healthy and your equipment functioning properly, these tips from Alaris will be useful.

    Check out the quick guide to keep your office running efficiently.

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  • Working Remotely: Tips for Creating a Remote-Enabled Work Environment

    Your organization may not have realized the importance of being able to function as a remote-friendly team until early in 2020.

    When something like the Coronavirus appears and closings and cancelations are being announced everywhere in the world, the ability to run your day-to-day operations without being physically present in the office becomes critical.

    These essentials will help you and your team.

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