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  • Automate These Business Processes To Improve Customer Experience

    You keep thinking about it. Now is the time to put it into action!

    Consider this blog post the call to action for your business process New Year's resolution.

    We want you to stress less about the little things that add up to big things when you have slower than necessary business processes.

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  • OpenText TeleForm 16.5 Release Notes

    TeleForm has a new set of updates! Release 16.5 is now available for you to review and install updates.

    Just to start, a new OpenText recognition engine has been embedded which provides improved quality and performance for machine print and barcode recognition. Great news!

    OpenText has also worked to improve product quality, security, and support new platforms.

    Check it out!

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  • OpenText LiquidOffice 16.4.1 Release Notes

    LiquidOffice, the OpenText electronic forms and workflow automation software, has a new release!

    Get updates on PDF imports, new form templates, Java 10, and more!

    Check out the full set of notes. Contact Optiform with sales or support needs.

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  • A History of Information Management – Video From AIIM

    How did we get here today?

    AIIM shared this video timeline of the history of Information Management. We thought it was worthy of a quick 2.5 minute watch.

    Did you know that it was in about 1997 that the internet was no longer considered a fad?

    Where would we be without the internet?

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  • Why You Should Update Hardware AND Software When Update Your OS

    You finally update Windows.

    Since the update, your document scanner software has been acting funny. Functions that used to work without an issue are now giving you problems.

    The only thing you have done differently is update to the latest version of Windows. What's going on?

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  • OpenText LiquidOffice 16.4 Intelligent Forms Automation Release Notes

    Did you know that not only does LiquidOffice allow for form based approvals with signatures, but it also links out to a certificate authority such as DocuSign for signatures?

    Embedding an HTML video inside a form is also an option with LiquidOffice.

    Check out these and other great upgrades to this enterprise electronic forms and workflow automation software in the latest release.

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