Loma Linda University Medical Center

Saves Time and Money by Integrating Paperless Human Resource Solutions

The Challenge

A Tight Budget

One of the premier medical centers in Southern California is Loma Linda Medical Center. Their staff is a diverse array of professionals with specific needs. The Human Resource’s department operates on a tight budget and requires a real-time overview of the accounts payable process. Employee’s traveling around the world for lectures and research often need to submit travel requests, checks and submit expense reports. Managing the Medical Centers expenditures and cash flow on a paper-based system was an antiquated headache that needed to change.

  • Name

    Loma Linda University Medical Center

  • Location

    Loma Linda, California

  • Industry

    Healthcare - Accounts Payable

  • Solutions Implemented

    Workflow, Expense Reports

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Financial Oversight

A key goal for the executives within Loma Linda Medical Center was obtaining greater visibility into their spending. They needed to see where the money was going. The Optiform team knew going paperless was the way to go. Automating expense approvals and switching to a dynamically driven approval process would narrow hours the human resource staff spent on those tasks. Based on the current process for employee expense reporting, the client advised the need for documents to be scanned in mid-workflow. The medical center had adopted Sunguard Accounting System and would need the new process to integrate seamlessly along with the vendor management database.
The Optiform team decided to go with an integration HP LiquidOffice BPM with WorkSite/Sungard & route forms to work queues. This customized solution was able to fully satisfy all of the client needs and wholly eliminate paper from the process.

Our Solution. Their Results.

Return on Investment

The executive team at Loma Linda Medical Center were thrilled with the implementation of the customized solution. The CFO gained significantly more access into the cash account requirements and was able to view current spending, as the posting of all expenses and GL codes now occur automatically. This allowed for complete audit trails and reporting to occur at any time with minimal efforts. All paper scanning was successfully eliminated. Budgetary calculations for end users and the escalation of past due approvals would now happen automatically. Through the ability to keep an eye on the budget and the decrease in hours needed to complete tasks, the Medical Center was able to save an estimated $350,000 per year. A strong return on investment for a wonderful organization.

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