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The Challenge

Data Across America

Driving along many of our major US Highways you’re bound to come across a sign for Speedway, one of the nation’s largest gas station and convenience store chains. In fact, Speedway has over 1,600 stores employing thousands of part-time and full-time individuals resulting in more than 1,700 job applications each month. Though the business is simple, the sheer volume causes a level of corporate complexity that highly benefits from streamlining data from the individual store level to headquarters.





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    Enon, Ohio

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    Retail - Human Resources

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    Workflow, Data Capture

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Simply Complicated

After choosing to partner with the Optiform team, Speedway put forth effort into defining their specific needs. This helped Optiform generate a solution custom fit to the client. Speedway sought a way to integrate the employment application and decision process with their existing website, Speedway.com. Employment requires a criminal background check and the need for the automated process to integrate with a background check web service was tantamount to the project’s success. Speedway wanted to be able to advertise the available positions on recruiting sites and needed the process to be seamless. Furthermore, the local store managers are given ultimate hiring authority and needed to route completed applications to the individual stores. Completed applications must be stored for record keeping purposes and comply with FCRA and diversity reporting.

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An Overall Success

Once the application of the Optiform solution had been implemented, Speedway saw an estimated savings of $478,000 per year. Store level aggravation was eliminated by doing away with the printing of all job application forms. Store manager’s spent less time reviewing and faxing documents and were no longer burdened with manual background checks. The typical recruitment cycle was reduced from one week to one day. The actual employee talent increased due to allowing store management to offer the positions directly. Work queues were narrowed and could be categorized by priority. Data storage was made easily accessible to all. The overall financial health and employee atmosphere was greatly improved, resulting in long-term satisfaction.

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