• Optiform Customer Case Study

    We want to brag about your Optiform solution. In return, you'll get some free publicity on our website and social media channels.

    Think about the solution that Optiform provided you. How has it helped your business processes? If you can answer all of the questions below, that would be wonderful, however, if they all don't apply to you or you don't have the data to share, go ahead and skip that particular question and we can work with what you can provide!

  • Please brag and name what makes your company the best or most notable in your industry!
  • Please include hardware, software, and all the steps that go into the process. We also want to hear about the types of forms and/or documents you are processing.
  • What manual processes did this implementation replace?
  • Why did you decide to select Optiform and the products that were chosen?
  • How long did the implementation take?
  • Were there any roadblocks, bumps, stakeholder resistance, or other impediments that you can share that may help others in your situation when planning?
  • Once the solution was implemented and adopted by all necessary stakeholders, what was the outlook and feedback you received or that you perceived?
  • Was there anything with the solution that had to be customized to specifically fit your user base?
  • Have you been able to measure results in the form of either dollars saved or documents processed? If you can share any type of ROI with us, please do so.
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