ABBYY How To: Create a New Project with FlexiLayout Studio 1/5

By Optiform Blogger, October 1, 2019


Kicking off a new project in FlexiLayout Studio

Using FlexiLayout Studio – The Logic

In this video, James demonstrates how to create a new project in ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio Version 12. FlexiLayout Studio is designed to markup semi-structured and unstructured documents. In this case James will use an expense report that was created in Microsoft Excel.

Because there is a table in the form that has expense item lines and we never know exactly how many lines there will be, it is considered a semi structured document. The idea is that expense report form is emailed to the employees that have expenses to report. The employee will fill out the document and save it to a specific location so FlexiCapture can process the document, find the useful data, and save it to an enterprise system like Quickbooks.

Open FlexiLayout Studio

  • First we need to open FlexiLayout Studio.
  • Click on the “Create New Project” button.
  • Specify a location and name for the project.
  • Name the project. (ours is called “Expense Reports”)
  • Click OK to continue.

Set Properties

  • After you complete the previous steps, you will be presented with the properties window pop-up.
  • We  are using all the default setting for this project so we just need to click on the “OK” button to continue.

Examine the Work Area

  • As you can see the work area is divided into 4 sections.
  • The first section is the batch window.
    • This window displays all the documents that were loaded into the Flexilayout.
  • The second window is the FlexiLayout window. All the document search elements and blocks are listed in this area.
    • The search elements and blocks are how the program collects all the important data.
  • Third is the Properties window.
    • The properties of the search elements and blocks are displayed here.
  • The fourth area is the document view.
    • To view the document, double click the name on the list in the batch window and the document will be displayed here.

Add Images to the Batch

  • The next thing we need to do is add images to the batch.
  • Click on the “Add Images” button and locate the document or documents that are used in the project.
  • Save the project.
    • The file menu has the save option listed or clicking the button that looks like a floppy disk will save the project.

Now you are ready to begin document markup so the important data can be found by ABBYY FlexiCapture.

This was video 1 of 5. Watch the video 2/5 for document markup assistance.

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