ABBYY How To: Use ABBYY for Workflow & Document Processing 5/5

By Optiform Blogger, December 1, 2019


How to process a document with ABBYY FlexiCapture

Let’s walk through how a document gets processed through ABBYY FlexiCapture. In this tutorial, we will be processing an expense report that we created in a previous video.

Open the Project Setup Station to Edit the Document Definition

  • First start by opening the Project setup station and selecting the Expense reports project. There are some properties that need to be set for the document to process correctly.
  • After project setup station opens, edit the document definition.
  • Click on export settings under the document definition menu. In this case just editing the current destination will suffice.
  • Click on the edit button. For now, the only property that needs changed is the Export Path. The chosen path needs to be a shared folder with full read and write permissions (\\JAMES\Users\jamesc\Documents\ExpenseDemo\Exports).
  • Click OK, OK to continue.
  • Save the changes and close the document definition editor.
  • Be sure to publish the definition again.

Import Properties

  • Now the import properties need to be set.
  • Select Project, Image Import Profiles.
  • Click the “New” button.
  • Because the employees need to save the expense report to a certain file location, “Hot Folder” is the option that needs to be selected.
  • Click browse button and select the proper folder (C:\Users\jamesc\Documents\ExpenseDemo\Expense Reports).
  • Like the export folder ,the import folder needs to be shared and have full read write permissions.
  • Click next, check hot folder every 20 seconds (or your preferred interval). 20 seconds will be okay for this demo but should probably get changed in a production setting.
  • Change Batch type to ExpenseReports (or your preferred name)
  • Click next twice
  • Change the Profile name and click finish.
  • The workflow can be setup under Project Properties under the project menu.
  • Several different options are available but for now just use the default workflow.
  • Now that we are finished with the document setup, up load it to the server.

Upload the Project to the Server

  • Select Upload project to server in the file menu.
  • Click ok then close when finished, and no.
  • Located on the application server is an application Administration and Monitoring Console.
  • Run this app and login.
  • Click Settings then project and find the Expense Report Project in the list.
  • Click on the Hot Folders Slider to turn on this option.

Start Processing Documents

Now we are ready to start processing documents.

  • Open the Verification Station
  • Browse from server
  • Select the project and click ok.
  • Select senior verification operator.
  • Let’s move some documents into the hot folder, (C:\Users\jamesc\Documents\ExpenseDemo\Images).
  • ABBYY will process the documents and the verification operator will verify the data.
  • After this is finished, the documents will be exported to the export folder.
  • From there the can be moved into an enterprise system like QuickBooks or your choice of internal systems.

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