ABBYY Implementation of the Year Award

By Optiform Blogger, November 11, 2019


Optiform Demonstrates Excellence & Wins ABBYY Award

ABBYY hosts an annual technology summit to educate customers and partners on industry trends, offer software training, and to recognize top partners for helping ABBYY grow their presence as well as who demonstrate excellence.

This year, Optiform was excited to accept the award for 2019 Implementation of the Year at the Content IQ Summit in Nashville, Tennessee!


About the Client

Optiform’s client is one of the top brands in the manufacturing industry with headquarters located in the United States, while serving a customer base and sourcing parts globally. The global capabilities of this client’s operations mean they deal with international languages and financial components within their business processes resulting in Accounts Payable opportunities for improvement.

Initially, the client came to Optiform to improve the data collection and processing of product registration cards. After several years of seeing the value and performance of ABBYY FlexiCapture, the client began the consideration of implementing this technology in their Accounts Payable processes.

Discovery Process Complete – Project Kicked Off

After a Proof of Concept was delivered, the client was sold. They kicked off the project with the implementation of the English language and United States currency and tax components. It doesn’t stop there. They are quickly moving into processing the Asian language sets; Chinese, Japanese and Korean. ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices (FCI) supports international teams with over 180 languages, and the CJK add-on was a great asset to this client.

About the Process

The process the client is using is unattended. An unattended process means that the level of human involvement in a typical manual process is alleviated, leveraging technology within the software to handle the tedious processing of data.

How it Happens

Currently, the client uses ABBYY FCI to monitor different email addresses for different regions around the world. ABBYY FCI then processes the invoices based on region by extracting a handful of fields used to identify the ERP System, Business Unit, Vendor and other values then sends the invoice and data to an internal invoice process.

The handoff between ABBYY and the internal system was implemented with an unattended process that sends the invoices to the next process through secure email as a full text searchable PDF with several index fields. The email process is used to route the invoices to the proper approvers and helps reduce the needed keystrokes and human interaction.

A little more about Optiform

Optiform proudly accepted the Implementation of the Year award at the October 2019 ABBYY Content IQ Summit. Optiform is an Indianapolis based ABBYY VAR who specializes in software systems integrations to optimize enterprise business processes and customer experiences.

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