ABBYY Launches Global Initiative Promoting Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

By Optiform Blogger, August 13, 2020


ABBYY Launches Global Initiative Promoting The Development Of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

Growing Concerns about Digital Ethics and Use of Data for Machine Learning Models Call for Industry-Wide Transparency

ABBYY, a Digital Intelligence company, today launched a global initiative to promote the development of trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) technology. As AI becomes ubiquitous across consumer and enterprise high-value and large-scale uses and more open source tools become available for digitizing data, the ethical use of accessing and training data is imperative.

A growing number of technology leaders expect fair, transparent and ethical AI systems in order to fuel the continued adoption of AI and spur innovation. In fact, by 2025, Gartner estimates 30 percent of large enterprise and government contracts for the purchase of digital products and services that incorporate AI will require the use of explainable and ethical AI. Furthermore, three-fourths of consumers say they won’t buy from unethical companies, while 86% say they’re more loyal to ethical companies. Therefore, ABBYY made public its core guiding principles on developing, maintaining and promoting trustworthy AI technologies and advocates for other technology leaders to do the same.

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