2018 Prediction for your Company – An Automated Accounts Payable Department

By Optiform Blogger, December 31, 2017


Optiform’s 2018 Prediction for Your Company

In your 2017 end-of-year meeting with the team, you reflected on what went well and what could be improved upon. In the goals for 2018, you decided that this would be the year that you will become more transparent and accountable with where the company finances are. To do that, it became obvious that the Accounts Payable department needed a facelift.

The current process is a slow one filled with paper-driven processes and tasks to complete. You’ve started to notice a shift in the way that your vendors are sending you invoices. The majority of them are entering your organization digitally in the form of a pdf. Your team, however, is still printing the invoices to help with processing and filing them away. You also decided that you will reduce the expenses of paper, ink, and storage in 2018, so you eliminated the step of printing from the process.

How You Will Accomplish Your 2018 AP Goals

You remember seeing one of Optiform’s social media posts about automating invoice processing.  You can’t wait to see just how automated your AP department can become. You will schedule a demonstration of ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices or Kofax Capture with KTM for Invoices so you can see just how this stuff works. You will fall in love and you’ll be sold.

This is our prediction of 2018 for your company.

Don’t just take it from us. Hear what this industry Thought Leader had to say…

We engaged an industry thought leader on the topic of automating invoice processing. Here’s what Kevin Craine said:


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“Accounts Payable is a fundamental activity for nearly all businesses. Pick any enterprise and you can bet there is an AP function at the heart of financial operations.

As a result, CFO’s face a lot of common challenges associated with Accounts Payable…no matter what industry you are in…and it’s easy to lose sleep at night. As other areas of business and commerce have become more and more paperless, the accounts payable process in most organizations remains mired in paper copies and manual workflow. The result is an often costly and people-intensive process that leaves companies vulnerable to competitors and financial executives with a growing unease over the inherent inefficiencies.

How can CFOs sleep a little better? One way is through accounts payable automation – a combination of hardware, software and business systems that works to reduce and eliminate the mundane and manual tasks that plague the AP process.

The bottom line is that if you aren’t automating your AP you could be missing out on substantial cost savings, efficiencies and business insight. And not only will you rest easier, but find comfort in the knowledge that you are using best practices in both technology and AP that help increase efficiency and overall productivity.”

Thanks Kevin! We couldn’t have said it better.

Start making our prediction a reality for your company.

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