Brother Dominic Commercial – Translated and Digitized

By Optiform Blogger, February 1, 2017


Brother Dominic’s new task

Back in 1975, Xerox was put on the map with the Brother Dominic Super Bowl commercial that showed a monk presenting a handwritten manuscript to the monastery Abbot and the Abbot requesting 500 additional copies to be written to share with his Brothers and Sisters. The Xerox color copy machine made history that day.

Watch the first commerical below.

(p.s. You may notice that the years are conflicting…
I am finding both 1975 and 1977 dates online, so if you know the correct date,
share it with us in the comments!)

2017 – New year, new challenge

Again on February 5, 2017 Brother Dominic and Xerox will make history. Abbot gives Brother a new, more complex task; create 500 copies and then translate them to 35 different languages and distribute them to your Brothers and Sisters across the 7 continents.

Watch the 2017 commercial here:

How did he do it?

With OCR. Watch the commercial as Brother Dominic presses the Easy Translator button on the Xerox copy machine. The engine behind the button is powered by ABBYY. If Abbot had asked Brother to translate to more than just 35 languages, he would have had no issues at all. ABBYY supports 190 languages today.

How did he distribute them so quickly? ABBYY isn’t just a data capture engine, it also creates digital formats of the content that you send through it. That means that that beautiful manuscript shown in the commercial can be scanned and turned into a pdf, exported, and shared with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We were so excited to see this commercial. This is what Optiform can help you do. If you have incoming business documents that are composed in a language other than your native spoken one, with the power of ABBYY, we can convert your documents into ones that are usable in your organization quickly and accurately.

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Best of luck to your favorite team in the big game Sunday!

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