DOKuStar Professional 4.5 Released

By Optiform Blogger, December 17, 2015


New in DOKuStar Professional 4.5

DOKuStar Professional – The OpenText Capture Document Reader 4.5 has been released. Highlights of the release are below.

Here are several highlights:

  • This version supports Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Document Reader contains Document Extraction 6.0 and Recognition Engine 7.5.
  • The CheckBoxField of the Recognition Engine has been extended with a new property MarkMode. This new property enables the processing of ‘balloons’ and other fill-in type marks.
  • The StructuredBox field of Document Extraction now allows reading from isolated character boxes.
  • Performance of the License Manager has been optimized resulting in quicker project initialization.
  • The minimum timeout setting for the Extraction module is now 2 instead of 60 seconds allowing for a quicker reaction to images that cannot be processed.
  • The field USInvoiceTotals of the option Invoice has been improved for invoices on which the total amount is preceded by the phrase Total incl. Tax.
  • Hong Kong is available as new country setting if the Asian Language Option is licensed and installed.
  • The SharePoint module can now export to document libraries that where created by a program using the SharePoint programming interface.
  • The Cluster Node list of the Load Manager Monitor now supports multi-selection. This makes it easier to issue a command, for example Reset, for several Cluster.

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