Easy Product Registration With OCR

By Optiform Blogger, February 7, 2017


Easy Product Registration

A few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to have a treadmill in my house. After several online searches, I decided to purchase a treadmill with great online reviews from Amazon.

I rarely purchase a warranty, but for this, I did. I don’t know the slightest thing about what it would take to repair a treadmill, and for the unforeseen mishap that the belt should come flying off as I’m running, it just seemed like a great idea.

No Paper. No Pen. Just Your Phone.

No, I’m not kidding. product-registration-blog

We have customers that use data capture software to scan product registration cards and using ICR technology, they extract the registration data that the customer enters and is then exported to their internal registration software. This step is so much more efficient than others that are receiving registration cards and manually entering the data into their systems for registration record keeping.

The process that I went through with my treadmill, was the best that I have experienced. The image shown here is what was on the treadmill screen. I like that it was a sticker vs a card in the baggie in the box so I didn’t’ just toss it. That was the first win.

The second win was that it was so easy to take a picture of the sticker and follow the next steps to begin the registration process.

What Happened After Taking the Photo?

I opted for the text message submission of the photo to the short code included on the sticker.

Once I hit send, I received an auto confirmation message asking me to click the URL for registration. When I did, I was served a form that had my product number on it and I just had to finish filling in the personal contact information to tie the product to myself as the owner.

How Was This Possible?

With OCR technology. Once I took the photo and sent it to the designated recipient, they had a workflow built with data capture software on the back end waiting to extract the numbers from my image. The technology is not new, but the way this company is using it is extremely user friendly and very efficient.

How Can You Use This?

If you think that a solution like this would be something your team can use for product registration or another use case, reach out to us. We love developing custom solutions for customers looking for innovative ways to use the software we sell.



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