Electronic Data Collection Software and Automated Workflow

By Optiform Blogger, May 9, 2017


Electronic Data Collection forms and Automated Workflow are the evolution of paper based processes

Optiform specializes in converting paper processes into efficient, automated digital ones. If eliminating paper in your business is a goal, e-forms software which are equipped with automated workflow to help you efficiently manage document and process routing, approvals, and rejections is where we recommend you focus your attention.

Use cases that are excellent for electronic data collection forms on a tablet are:

  • Patient Check-in Processes
  • Surveys and Research Forms
  • Environmental Data Collection
  • Member Registration
  • Housing applications
  • Student registration

Health Care

Medical Offices

The use cases we named above are just a few of the ways that electronic data collection is an asset to a multitude of industries.

Medical offices are using e-forms to collect patient information at the time of service. Rather than providing the patient with a set of paper forms to fill out with a pen on a clipboard, they are beginning to use tablets to collect the patient data, thus eliminating the step of front office staff performing manual data entry.

When using a tablet to collect the patient data, the data is sent directly to the network Electronic Health Record or patient tracking systems enabling staff to spend more time being attentive to the customer service activities rather than fretting over data entry.

Digitizing this patient registration process doesn’t just speed the data entry portion, but it also vastly improves the accuracy of data keyed because no longer are the staff tasked with interpreting poor handwriting. The electronic data collection methods are also HIPAA compliant, and eliminates the need to scan, store, and/or shred paper documents.

Labs and Public Health Departments

Departments of Public Health are tasked with collecting data from the public to aid in research efforts surrounding infectious diseases. Historically collected on paper and then manually entered into software for analysis, we see departments using systems like TeleForm to design forms for data collection and then extraction to analyze. To make this process more efficient than ever, with e-forms, you can collect data on tablets and computers, which are already digital, and can be analyzed without the need to use an OCR software. Not only is the software user friendly, but it is also HIPAA  compliant.


Schools can benefit from e-forms, workflow, and digital signatures in student registration and housing requests. When all required documentation is presented to the student at once in a package, the approval process is streamlined and easily tracked due to the lack of paper being transferred person to person and desk to desk.

Rental Housing

Rental properties have application processes that involve the collection of data including credit checks, background checks, income verification, lease agreements, and other key documentation involved in a request for temporary housing. Replacing paper forms with e-forms reduces the time to manually process data collected, returns quick credit and background check results (these are custom integrations), and is generally more accurate than collecting the information in handwriting on paper. Digital signatures are legally binding, so if a wet ink signature is a concern, don’t let it be.

We would love to provide you with a demonstration of LiquidOffice so you can see the software in action and determine the best use case for your application. Contact our team to learn more.


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