Enter Business Cards Into Salesforce Without Manual Data Entry

By Optiform Blogger, February 10, 2018


Great Event – Now What Are You Going Do With The Data You Collected?

As a marketer myself, one of my goals is to generate and capture as many leads as possible. The larger the engaged audience, the better the opportunity to convert them from leads into customers.

Attending an Event

Networking events and industry conferences are great ways to meet new people who share a similar interest. A common practice in doing so is to exchange contact information with those that you meet. This is typically in the form of a business card.

Hosting an Event

Another great way to build your database with qualified leads is to host a networking or thought leadership event. When you do so, you’ll often times find yourself with a large pile of business cards.

Once the events are over, you’ll need to figure out what you will do with all the business cards that you have collected.

Use a Business Card Reader – Scan One Card At A Time

We’re a fan of ABBYY software. After all – they are the #1 OCR engine in the world.

ABBYY has a business card reader that allows you to take a photo of your business card and via the automation rules you configure inside the app, you can export the data to Salesforce which then picks it up as a new lead or contact. Here is the link to the app if you’re interested.  

Use a Document Scanner for Multiple Business Cards

Last year, we put Vaughn Minger to the task of demonstrating how it may look if someone had a stack of business cards to scan into their data capture software. The Fujitsu fi-7600 did a great job of scanning them without jams. You can also collect the data off the cards with Fujitsu’s Paperstream Capture Pro, export it into a CSV and then import into Salesforce. Watch how quickly this happens.


This is just one example of how OCR can help with automating data entry processes for your company. Reach out to get ideas of other solutions that we may be able to streamline for you. Contact sales by filling out our contact form or calling 317-822-8150!

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