Scavenger Hunt with Mobile Data Capture

By Optiform Blogger, June 5, 2017


Enterprise Mobile Data Capture Forms Promote Engagement

Mi-Corporation is one of the robust, yet user-friendly, electronic forms and workflow automation software that we offer at Optiform. Typically, we promote core business processes like human resources, accounts payable, and other document intensive processes that companies regularly perform as examples of how our software can automate and enhance the business. This use case is a a little different. It demonstrates a fun example of the capabilities of the software which appeals to marketing and engagement teams looking for ways to create buzz at events and in planned campaigns while integrating with their customer relationship management software to track success and ROI. mi-co-logo

Mi-Co interns demonstrate Mi-Apps features

The company sent their interns out on the town during the Mobility Summit to collect various items to complete the checklist associated with the scavenger hunt.

The Mi-Apps solution is diverse in not only the platforms it supports, but also the data that it captures as part of its core functionality. The ones used in the video that you can watch below are:

  1. QR code recognition
  2. User populated form fields created by the administrator
  3. Ability to select from apps (forms) served based on data submitted
  4. GPS coordinate detection
  5. Real-time bar code recognition
  6. In-app photo capture and upload
  7. Free-form drawing/sketching with stylus or finger

Watch the video

Watch the video as Svend and Melanie demonstrate the capabilities of Mi-Apps by Mi-Co.

Get a quote and learn more on the Mi-Corporation page on our website. Thanks for watching!


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