Fujitsu Document Scanners are now Ricoh Document Scanners

By Optiform Blogger, May 9, 2023


We wanted to be among the first to tell you about the exciting changes!

For more than 50 years, PFU has developed technologies to accelerate digital transformation for organizations worldwide. PFU has recently joined the Ricoh Group of companies and is in the process of rebranding their document scanners from Fujitsu Document Scanners to Ricoh Document Scanners.

That said, they remain a separate entity within the Ricoh Group, separate from Ricoh USA. The name change will roll out over the next year and will appear on packaging, documentation, and printed logos on the scanners. But beyond that, it is business as usual for PFU. As Ricoh Document Scanners, the products, R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and services you know and trust will remain exactly as they are now. Besides the changing name, it’s business as usual.

During their transition, we look forward to providing innovative document scanners that help organizations like yours digitize their operations.

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