How to determine if a new scanner is an intelligent, financially sound investment.

By Optiform Blogger, February 6, 2020


You’re thinking about replacing your old document scanner. But is it worth it?

Do you ask yourself questions like these:

  • Should we upgrade our document capture processes?
  • Can we afford a new scanner?
  • Is our old scanner THAT bad?
  • Will the benefits be enough to justify the cost?
  • What is the ROI?

If these are things you’re pondering, here’s some insightful information about how scanners and technology have improved dramatically over the past several years, and the kinds of benefits this technology can provide to your organization.

From a technology perspective –

New scanners are fully supported by the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

LED illumination allows for greater color stability, compared to lamps in older technology, plus LEDs never need to be replaced –and you can scan instantly; no warm-up time needed.

Maintain full-rated speeds – even with valuable features like auto orientation, auto crop, and skew detection turned on.

Improve image quality significantly, even from less-than-ideal originals, with Alaris’ Perfect Page image processing, delivering exceptional scans and reducing the need for rescans and post- image processing.

Get new Perfect Page features like streak filtering for correcting conditions you can’t control, such as dust – plus auto orientation, image edge fill, hole fill, sharpening, auto brightness/whiteness, and image merge.

For environments using VRS or image controls connectivity, now you have more options than ever with this software integrated into the hardware of i5000 Series Scanners from Alaris.

Enjoy new features including five ultrasonic multi-feed detection zones, four feeder settings, Dynamic Flow Technology, controlled stacking, and others

From a cost-savings perspective –

Benefit from reduced service contract costs – save up to 42%(compared to cost of plans for older scanners).

Purchase a multiyear extended warranty and save up to 50%from old to new contract pricing, and gain protection from annual price increases.

Trade-in your old scanner and receive up to $1,000, or more when you purchase specific new models from Alaris through us.

Payback is fast, as service savings and trade-in dollars pay for your new scanner quickly, and you gain greater efficiency and productivity while saving time and eliminating hassles.

Try before you buy with a free on-site technology assessment visit (and live scanner demo) from one of our experts.

From a contact perspective –

Call us today at 317-822-8150 or email or visit our contact page. You can also earn some nice incentives when you trade in your old scanner now. We’ll get in touch to show and tell you more when you are ready!

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