HP Process Automation 7.6.1 Released

By Optiform Blogger, October 31, 2015


New in 7.6.1

HP Process Automation 7.6.1 is currently available from the downloads page on the HP download portal.

New in This Release

The following platforms are now supported:

  • Adobe Acrobat DC/Reader 15.x (PA-14829)
  • Windows 10 (PA-14630)
  • Microsoft Edge browser, subject to certain restrictions documented in the Administration Guide under System Requirements (PA-14631)
  • All supported platforms are indicated in the Administration Guide.

Other Updates
The following updates are included in this release:

PA-12825: When using the Configuration Utility to generate a self-signed SSL certificate, some special characters are now allowed for the O (Organization) and OU (Organizational Unit) fields, including ampersand, comma, apostrophe, period, hyphen, and underscore. However, be aware that Certificate Authorities may have different rules.

PA-15140: The JRE bundled with Form Designer is no longer supported. Users must now use a separately installed JRE for publishing.

PA-14621: Customers who have upgraded from LiquidOffice 6 may still have an outdated JDK installed that is no longer used (replaced by an externally installed modern JDK). Upgrading to this release will remove the outdated JDK.

PA-14747: The version of Tomcat embedded in the PA server is upgraded to 7.0.62.

PA-14970: If Form Designer cannot find or access the Windows system fonts, the corresponding Windows system error code and description will be displayed.

PA-12078: Create Workspace workflow task now sets the security of the newly created WorkSite workspace based on the specified template.

PA-14676: Added the method createCustomAttributes to the WorkSite SDK SOAP wrapper class.

PA-14154: All form and process template searches now do a contains search for the entered search text when it is not LOQL.

PA-14150: Improved cryptography to use better encryption methodology for user passwords and other passwords stored locally.

Documentation Updates
The following updates have been made to the documentation (only the PDF formatted documentation has been updated):

PA-14760: The Portal User Guide and Management Console User Guide now document the business monitor feature introduced in PA 7.6, and other changes from 7.6 have now been included in the documentation.

PA-15076: The Form Designer User Guide now specifies limitations on numeric entry fields.

PA-15119: The Administration Guide now clarifies and consolidates all browser specific support information in the Browser section under System Requirements.

The following issues are resolved in this release:
PA-15118: If Form Designer is already installed, the Form Designer installer included in release 7.6 automatically updated the currently installed version without allowing the user to specify another location for installing Form Designer. The Form Designer installer now allows the user to choose whether to update the existing installation or install to a different location.

PA-11717: Forms imported from TeleForm will now have more accurate line width of form fields, such as constrained print fields and image zone fields.

PA-14991: Checkbox title location was incorrect when exporting forms to PDF in Form Designer.

PA-12025: A gray mask appeared over fields with time/date templates in PDF forms.

PA-14834: Images were not displayed when a form was opened from a process monitor and the form had an image control.

PA-14772: Type-ahead fields triggered database look-ups in unrelated fields.

PA-13046: List boxes on a form now display a tooltip for each list option so that options that overflow the list box can be read.

PA-14732: Free-entry/combo droplists in PDF forms defaulted to a blank value. They now default to the first list value, consistent with other list types and HTML forms.

PA-14308: Under certain conditions, an incorrect “insufficient permission” error was displayed when attempting to open an anonymous-enabled form.

PA-15032: An extraneous byte-order marker character in published form script files could cause script execution errors in certain situations.

PA-15077: Values for multi-select lists populated in OnValidateLookup were selected by default.

PA-15068: Expression calculations would only fire the first time a key field value was updated via script.

PA-15058: Server-side form script object CSForm methods getStatusCode and getStatus returned incorrect values.

PA-14943: Loss of dynamic table data in rows added and populated by script.

PA-14944: Form expressions did not work in certain cases when the form was part of a workflow process.

PA-14869: E-mail task failed and threw exception in some cases when configured to send to multiple recipients.

PA-11038: Scripts for workflow tasks did not execute if the last line contained a comment.

PA-14791: The Portal UI did not refresh when switching between the Desktop and Business Monitor areas.

PA-10993: Empty attachment list was returned when retrieved through serverside form script on a form opened from the Sent Items folder.

PA-14870: DMS action buttons were missing in the Portal attachments tab.PA-14704: In certain situations, a WorkSite document retrieved was not the most recent version.

PA-14301: Check in failed for certain WorkSite documents from Portal attachments tab.

PA-15065: Portal did not display and set profile fields correctly with the Brazilian Portuguese locale.

PA-15127: Mobile Portal form routing screen was missing Send To field when routing was configured to have a final approver or a limited approvers list.

PA-14872: Forms defined with extended fill time were not routed properly when the session timed out but extended fill time was not exceeded. A server configuration property has been included in the dfserver.properties file with usage comments. To make use of extended fill time, the EFTSessions property must be set to true.

PA-14718: In the Swedish locale, exceptions indicating an unparseable date appeared in the event log after the JDK used by the server was upgraded from Java 6 to a later Java version.

PA-15107: After upgrading the PA server to 7.6 from a previous release, attempting to modify the Portal Tree Configuration server setting in Management Console could result in an error.

PA-15034: Certain files on the server could potentially be accessed by unauthorized users via certain obscure URL syntax.

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