HP Teleform 10.9 Released

By Optiform Blogger, June 30, 2014


New in This Release

This section lists the enhancements to HP TeleForm version 10.9.

Advanced Document Extraction

TeleForm now includes the Advanced Document Extraction option, which enables integration with OpenText Document Capture Reader (also known as DOKuStar). The integration enables the following capabilities:

  • Template design using the DOKuStar Design Studio
  • Mapping of DOKuStar document types to TeleForm form templates
  • Mapping of DOKuStar document fields to TeleForm template fields
  • Support for mapping DOKuStar table objects to TeleForm table objects
  • Form processing and data extraction by DOKuStar
  • Verification by TeleForm Verifier

More details are available in the TeleForm help file. HP Records Manager and HP TRIM Export TeleForm now includes an export for HP Records Manager v8 and HP TRIM v7. This export enables the following capabilities:

  • Selection of TRIM Dataset, Default Record Type, Default TRIP Folder
  • Dynamic Folder Creation
  • Mapping of TeleForm Fields to HP Records Manager Fields
  • Optional email notifications for exported documents
  • Additional New Features

TF-7189. TeleForm Maintenance and Utility (merged and enhanced features from TeleForm Database Utility and TeleForm Migration Utility). See TeleForm help file for more details.

TF-7152. Enable multiple selection of batches in Verifier, which allows supervisor users to perform Commit/Discard operations on multiple batches at a time.

TF-7411. Support added for Automatic Rotation in Cardiff IDR and Keyword ID drop-ins.

TF-7138. Migration Utility: Add confirmation dialog to snapshot restore to prevent accidental restorations.

TF-7140. Redesign the Internal Data Export dialog.

TF-7141. Redesign the System Fields dialog.

TF-7008. New option to configure a Script API Add-In as Mandatory/Required. Ensures that required add-ins are loaded before allowing application to run

TF-7419. Increase maximum number of user groups in TeleForm security.

TF-7502. Allow a combination of Cardiff IDR and TeleForm template-based field extraction. Provides a way to use the TeleForm template to evaluate fields that were either not found using the IDR template or not mapped to the IDR template.

TF-7133. Add template and batch information to errors. More detailed information is reported/captured when errors occur to facilitate the troubleshooting process.
Platform Support

TF-7281. Support Windows Server 2012 R2.

TF-7410. Support TeleForm with Citrix 6.5.

TF-7390. Support TeleForm with RightFax 10.5.
Other Changes

TF-7425. TWAIN Scan Driver tracing added to record more information to assist with scanner troubleshooting

TF-7429. DR Checkbox Object removed from IDR Designer (existing objects will work as before, but new objects cannot be created).

TF-7510. Deprecated: WorkSite NT (VB.NET) export. This export has been replaced by a new and enhanced C# version of the export. Existing exports configured with the VB.NET version will continue to work in TeleForm 10.9, but users should start transitioning to the new C# version of the WorkSite export.

TF-7511. Deprecated: WorkSite NT export (VBA version). Existing exports configured with the VBA version will continue to work in TeleForm 10.9, but users should start transitioning to the new C# version of the WorkSite export.

TF-7830. HP rebranding.

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