HP Teleform v10.9.1 Released

By Optiform Blogger, November 25, 2014


TeleForm V10.9.1 was released.

Below is the list of upgrades to the software. Get your update scheduled with our support department by calling 317-822-8150 x 202 or sending a request via our support form.

Resolved Issues

This section lists the resolved issues in HP TeleForm version 10.9.1.:

TF-7587: Issues with second pass ID

TF-7591: Font names are not translated to Unicode correctly in some cases

TF-7558: Code-39 Full (aka Extended) is not returning barcode type string

TF-7582: Display problem with Default Job Configuration/Form ID/Capture tab

TF-7603: “File/New…” menu item missing in German VBA editor

TF-7613: Second Pass ID – New documents placed at end of batch

TF-7243: Capture Zone – “Allow free entry” option for choice lists prevents values from being recognized

TF-7574: Control Center crashes when closing Security Dialog when security is disabled. Dialog should not be shown in this case.

TF-7627: Replace MSXML 4.0 with MSXML 6.0

TF-7480: Batch occasionally stuck in “Ready to transfer” stateTF-7643: Runtime Error (R6025) during batch commit

TF-7650: Dynamic Barcode ID over-translation of some barcode type names

TF-7656: VersiForm classification slower in 10.9 than in 10.2

TF-7657: Crash in processing when currency symbol is empty string

TF-6552: WCO Job selection fails if job name contains ‘&’ or ‘+’

TF-6585: “Invalid Argument” error in reptgen.exe when “New” clicked

TF-7683: Short-length barcode not decoding in TeleForm 10.9

TF-7679: Crash in Designer after copy/paste

TF-7676: Error when using re-evaluate as and setting form to unclassified

TF-7678: System fields not being applied when accepting a batch in Scan Station

TF-7693: Application error when shutting down TeleForm Designer

TF-7692: SKFI Delete key + clicking out of the field does not erase content of choice list

TF-7568: Some Chinese characters show double or triple after save operation

TF-7710: ABC not retaining problem JPXDecode images

TF-7716: Increasing size of system fields impacts processing

TF-7749: Batch field data is not merged during correction if encryption is enabled.

TF-7756: Unable to set properties of newly created batch

TF-7577: Service control module should not be installed for Desktop license

TF-7573: RCS install not granting appropriate folder rights for non-English OS’s

TF-7475: Purge tab in configuration dialog not working for apps being run on TF server

TF-7628: Dynamic Barcode ID not applying rotation setting for non-English OS’s.

TF-7649: Remove MSXML4 from TF installation

For more information, please call 317-822-8150 x 202 or email support@optiform.com.

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