Keeping Scanners Clean – Tips For Equipment Cleanliness

By Optiform Blogger, March 25, 2020


Basic Tips on How To Safely Keep Your Office Equipment Clean

Germs. They are the topic of conversation everywhere currently.

Software is great for automating manual business processes, but the entry point of the task into the process you are automating could be a hot bed for germs – not to mention the computer and other peripheral devices used to support the automation. Kodak Alaris has shared this quick tip guide to reference when you are cleaning your office and equipment.

Step 1: Clean Surfaces BEFORE You Start Working

Before you start your work day, clean your workspace surfaces.

Prior to getting started with cleaning duties, just to be safe, unplug the equipment.

Wear gloves to preserve your skin and protect it from cleaners and solutions.

Be aware of whether your cleaner is approved for use on your equipment. For touch screens, manufacturers recommend a water/alcohol solution containing 50%-75% isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Be sure not to spray it directly on the surfaces, but rather use a lint-free cloth to wipe top to bottom. Don’t over-moisten the cloth.

Other non touch-screen surfaces can use a more abrasive cleaner, but again, be sure to read the labels. Don’t forget high-touch items like phones, mice and handles on your doors and desks.

Step 2: Clean All Equipment

If it gets used at all, it should be cleaned. Follow the proper protocol for all equipment to ensure safe sanitization. Read the labels on equipment and cleaners.

Step 3: Dispose of Items Used

If you are unsure of where to dispose the items you use for sanitizing your office, you can reach your Maintenance or Human Resources department for the guidelines on chemical disposal so you don’t violate any environmental protocol put into place. Discard gloves after your cleaning is done and be sure to thoroughly wash your hands in soap and water for at least twenty seconds.

We hope this basic guide helps as you are doing your part to keep your workspace clean.

Alaris created this guide to reference. Cleaning and Disinfecting Kodak Alaris Equipment.

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