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By Optiform Blogger, March 10, 2018


Your Mailroom: Digitize Documents at the Point of Entry and Decrease Risk

If you could nip the amount of paper entering your organization in the bud, would you?

If you answered yes, you are not alone.

Your mailroom, as you can imagine, is the source of multiple trays of mail entering your doors and being prepped to be hand-delivered to your staff. If you are uncertain about the amount of organization-wide mail you receive, head down to the mailroom and ask for yourself. You may be surprised.

Time – Is It Ever Our Friend?

Time is almost never on your side when it comes to mail. An inefficient process in your mailroom can cost you more than just the time it takes for the mail to reach your desk.

When you think about all the risks that come along with delays in your mailroom, it makes sense to begin planning to automate your mailroom processes.

Risks include, but are not limited to: 

  • Late fees
  • Loss of customers
  • Loss of vendors
  • Changes in service due to delayed responses
  • Loss of access to discounts
  • Loss of offers for early responders

Kodak Alaris, one of our document scanner vendors has a really great video that demonstrates some of the risks and what an efficient mailroom may resemble. Watch below.

Mailroom Automation VIDEO:


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