NEW! ABBYY Recognition Server Is Now FineReader Server

By Optiform Blogger, January 14, 2019


Product Rebranding! As of November 2018, ABBYY Recognition Server is Now FineReader Server

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FineReader Server is a powerful, server-based OCR service for automated document capture and PDF® conversion to make information accessible, searchable, and normalized (standardized). It helps organizations, BPOs, and system integrators to optimize business processes while achieving compliance, collaboration, and long-term archiving goals.

Designed for high-performance document processing, FineReader Server enables cost-efficient processes for converting paper, images, and electronic documents into PDF files suitable for search, long-term preservation, or further processing.

The perks of quick deployment, easy administration, and automated work routines make FineReader Server an investment that brings fast returns.

How Does It Work?

ABBYY FineReader Server receives document images from shared network folders, scanners, e-mails, and Microsoft® SharePoint® and automatically converts them into searchable digital formats using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. If needed, the user can manually correct text information and/or add metadata to the document. The resulting digitized files can be saved to any number of storage areas and/or delivered to other applications.


FineReader Server to SharePoint

A popular use case for FineReader Server is digitization of full-text OCR documents into SharePoint. This video doesn’t capture all of the latest features or the rebranding, but it will show you how the documents get from Point A to Point B with the help of FineReader Server.

Learn More About FineReader Server

What is ABBYY FineReader Server? | ABBYY FineReader Server Product Brochure

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