New Members of the Indy Chamber

By Optiform Blogger, March 30, 2017


You get out of your community what you put into it

In March, Optiform made the decision to join the Indy Chamber of Commerce. We have been doing business in the City of Indianapolis for over 20 years, and to maximize the resources available to us in our back yard, we knew that investing in local networking organizations like the Indy Chamber would be a fruitful place to start.

Why the Indy Chamber?

We could have joined any Chamber of Commerce, but the Indy Chamber seemed to be the best selection for us for a number of reasons:

  1. One of the benefits included in the membership made it an easy decision; you get your membership dues back in the form of advertising!
  2. We were seeing a load of fantastic events that we wanted to attend. These events are free for members!
  3. The warm introductions to our target audience are as close as you can get to a referral from a current customer or friend. We all know how cold calling and intros are not usually the most productive.
  4. The online member directory which serves as a database of local experts in the categorized sections as well as a source of web traffic and lead referrals establishes credibility.
  5. Member discounts! They have a slew of discounts and perks that members can take advantage of.

Introduce yourself!

If you are also an Indy Chamber member, we hope to see you at an upcoming event. If you recognize us, we hope you will say hello!


Position your team for success

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