OpenText LiquidOffice 16.4 Intelligent Forms Automation Release Notes

By Optiform Blogger, September 11, 2018


Intelligent Forms Automation For Intelligent Business Processes

OpenText LiquidOffice 16.4 Latest Release Notes

The latest LiquidOffice has some nice template features to create online forms for mobile devices and browsers, and of course LiquidOffice allows for dynamic information exchange, routing and approvals.

Did you know that not only does LiquidOffice allow for form based approvals with signatures, we can also link out to a certificate authority such as DocuSign for signatures? Did you know you can embed an HTML video inside a form!

Subscription or onboarding forms can become very powerful now with embedded HTML5 elements. That’s a live video in the OpenText Enterprise World registration form.

Imagine how you could use this for your customer applications. And no coding – just click to insert.


New LiquidOffice Features

  • Web form design
    • Web form designers can now use pixels as the unit of measurement. Using pixels is more common than other units when designing web forms for display on a monitor or mobile device.
  • Web form configuration
    • Several changes have been made to provide designers improved web form appearance and behavior. These changes also help make web form design faster and easier by providing configurable options that can replace script.
  • Attachment handling
    • In previous releases, a user could select a button on a form to access attachment management functionality, and a separate page would display to provide users with the ability to attach and manage files and other types of attachments. With the 16.4 release, designers can now add the ability to work with file attachments directly on the form itself, improving the user experience and simplifying design.
  • Button enhancements
    • Buttons play a key role on forms and changes have been introduced in 16.4 to make them even more powerful.
  • HTML Viewer
    • The HTML Viewer control in Form Designer has been updated to enable designers to create forms that seamlessly embed custom HTML and enhance form appearance and behavior.
  • Portal updates
    • An important part of user experience is interaction with forms in the Portal. LiquidOffice 16.4 introduces options that enhance that user experience by providing a more seamless user interaction.
  • Form sharing
    • Many organizations provide users with access to forms and processes from other portal environments such as Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText Content Server, or custom websites. In some cases, users share access to forms using links in an email. LiquidOffice 16.4 adds a new Share menu to the Portal to make it much easier to get access to form links so they may be accessed from outside of LiquidOffice.
  • Form templates & SDK examples
    • LiquidOffice 16.4 includes many new and updated example and template forms to help form designers create powerful and modern forms. These are included as Form Designer templates, and with the SDK installed on the server.
  • Other features
    • Includes updates to branding, form designer gallery, and more…
  • Updated platform support
    • LiquidOffice has added support for the following platforms:
      • Microsoft Windows 10 (for mobile devices)
      • OTDS 16.2 l Content Server 16.2
      • Google Chrome 49 and later (for mobile devices)
      • Microsoft Edge 20 and later (for mobile devices)
      • TomEE+ 7.0.4

Discontinued and deprecated features

  • Discontinued platforms
    • LiquidOffice has discontinued support for the following platforms:
    • Microsoft Windows 7 l Microsoft Windows 8 (for mobile devices)
    • Apple OS X earlier than 10.9
    • Apple iOS earlier than 9
    • Android earlier than 4.4
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
    • Java 7 l WorkSite 8.5.x
    • Microsoft Edge earlier than 20
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10
    • Mozilla Firefox earlier than 52
    • Apple Safari earlier than 9
    • Android browser earlier than 4.4
    • Google Chrome earlier than 49
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader earlier than 15.x
    • Eclipse earlier than 4.6 (Neon)

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