OpenText LiquidOffice 16.4 New Release Notes

By Optiform Blogger, May 22, 2018


OpenText LiquidOffice 16.4 Software Release Notes

You’ve been waiting for it, so here they are!

What is LiquidOffice?

An enterprise electronic forms and workflow automation software that automates business processes for teams who are dedicated to providing excellent customer experiences.



What are the key features of the software?

Electronic form design
Quickly design intelligent web and PDF forms to collect information and documents for routing to people and systems, and integrate into business processes.

Anywhere / anytime access
Enable users to access forms and perform tasks from web,mobile, and integrated user interfaces.

Ad hoc routing
Simplify review and approval processes with user-driven ad hoc routing of forms, information, and documents.

Process modeling
Easily model a business process with a drag-and-drop user interface, leverage business rules and scripting to interact with people and systems, and simulate for testing and validation.

Business activity monitoring
Enable decision-makers to monitor business processes and understand what’s happening across an organization by using analytics to optimize performance.

Integrated solutions
Manage processes from end to end by taking advantage of integration with OpenText TeleForm,OpenTextContent Server, databases, and content management systems.

Audit and security
Securely connect employees, customers, and partners inside and outside an organization with authenticated access to forms and audit trails of activity.

Enterprise solution
Deliver solutions to the enterprise and beyond with a scalable and integrated platform that can support thousands of users, forms, and processes.

What is new in this release?

The following new & enhanced feature(s) are included:

  • Web form design
  • Web form configuration
  • Attachment handling
  • Button enhancements
  • Portal updates
  • Form sharing
  • Form templates & SDK examples
  • Other features
  • Updated platform support


What was fixed in this release?

LO-11710 Potential security vulnerabilities.

LO-12054 In Portal, the HTML icon and Process icon are missing for dynamic forms.

LO-13430 As of Java 8, the JDBC/ODBC bridge has been removed, which breaks the JDBC/ODBC connect agent after you upgrade to Java 8. To ensure that your JDBC/ODBC connect agent works correctly after upgrading to Java 8, you must copy the JDBC/ODBC bridge fromJava 7 to Java 8. For more information about how to copy the JDBC/ODBC bridge fromJava 7 to Java 8, see the ManagementConsole User guide.

LO-15650 On an Ink Picture, old strokes are not cleared when the writing guide is disabled. To fix this issue, you must republish the form.

LO-15651 On an Ink Picture, setValue is not clearing the image before drawing the new input. To fix this issue, you must republish the form.

LO-15714 The actions provided in the Report Filter Event Actions topic in the LiquidOffice Programming guide are incomplete.

LO-15717 On an Ink Picture, if background image enabled, setValue only clears new strokes that have been added after opening the form. To fix this issue you must republish the form.

LO-16589 When Oracle 11g is used as the server database, nothing is displayed in the Monitors > Processes area of ManagementConsole, even ifMonitors had previously been created. Additionally, an error message with a SQLException appears in the Event Log.

LO-16773 When configuring a Data View in Portal using Internet Explorer, if you click the Add Role button when configuring access for a selected field, the Search Roles window does not appear as expected. LO-16879 Debug logging is left in the server logs.

LO-16890 When using OTDS, the Process APIGroup getUsersmethod throws an exception.

LO-16891 In the documentation, the OTDS configure resource REST APIURL is missing. Additional details regarding OTDS configuration have now been added to the LiquidOffice documentation.

LO-17045 With the Content Server ExportConnect Agent, you receive an error even though the export completes successfully.

LO-17052 When launching ManagementConsole or Process Studio, a message is issued that implies that a JRE has not been installed. This message has been removed. OpenText LiquidOffice (16.4) Page 21 of 24 Issue number Issue description

LO-17076 When using OTDS, if the same user login ID exists in multiple partitions under the same resource, authentication issues occur for those users.

LO-17158 Lookup connect agent pre-fills fail and issue an error.

LO-17172 The addMember() and removeMember() APIs in com.cardiff.bpm.user. Role are not functional.

LO-17193 When completing OTDS synchronization, users that have the same ID, but belong to different partitions under the same resource are not copied to the LiquidOffice database. If you are currently using OTDS and upgrading fromLiquidOffice 16.2 to a later version, you must configure your OTDS synchronization as described in OpenText LiquidOffice ManagementConsole User Guide.

LO-17209 Duplicate record IDs

LO-17236 When completing OTDS group(s) synchronization, groups that have the same name, but belong to different partitions under the same resource are not copied to the LiquidOffice database. If you are currently using OTDS and upgrading fromLiquidOffice 16.2 to a later version, you must configure your OTDS synchronization as described in OpenText LiquidOffice ManagementConsole User Guide.

LO-17287 In Portal’sDisplay settings, the Display drop-down list does not indicate what is being displayed.

LO-17321 Outlook integration stops working after the October MicrosoftOffice update. This is a known issue fromMicrosoft. A workaround is now provided in the LiquidOffice Administration Guide.

LO-17846 In the FormDesigner, after installing FormDesigner the Fields tab is missing from the gallery area

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