Giving Back to the IUPUI Capital Warrior Battalion Student Association

By Optiform Blogger, September 26, 2016



September 25, 2016 Team Optiform sponsored and participated in the AUSA Indy Ten-Miler

Why did we pick this particular race to support?

Jim Middleton’s twin sons, Sean and Matt, are members of the Capital Warrior Battalion Student Association and the Student Association of Army ROTC Cadets at IUPUI. What father wouldn’t want to support his kids, let alone for a cause that resonates with him as a United States Military Veteran? This is among the few reasons that we chose this event. Jim and his boys are avid hikers and backpackers. They have hiked and backpacked around the nation; most recently in the Grand Tetons. Sharon, Jim’s wife, told us of the times when the boys were really little and they would go on family vacations and the boys always wanted to be hiking right along with their dad. As little as they were, they always kept right up with Jim. This race on Sunday was a little different; they let Jim keep up with them!

Jim, Sean, Matt, and Shannon’s son Jordan, all participated in the most extreme segment of the AUSA Indy Ten-Miler: The 10 Mile Ruck Sack Race. With ruck sacks ranging in weights of 35 to 55 pounds, the boys all completed the full 10 mile race, running approximately 3 miles of it with these massive packs on their backs! I give them major kudos for doing so. I only did the 5 mile walk and my feet were achy. These guys are amazing.

Anyhow,  we had a LOT of fun and we got a few pictures to prove it. Those that participated were:

  1. Jim Middleton
  2. Sharon Middleton (placed 1st in her age group for the 5-miler)
  3. Matt Middleton
  4. Sean Middleton
  5. Shannon Crane
  6. Jordan Crane
  7. Brittney Crane (placed 3rd in her age group for the 5-miler)
  8. Tiffany Crane
  9. Laurie Johnson (placed 2nd in her age group for the 5-miler)
  10. Bob Johnson
  11. Maggie Walsh
  12. Aaron Schafer (placed 2nd in his age group for the 5-miler)
  13. Nicki Laycoax

Until next year!

Optiform Indy Ten Miler

Optiform was the Premier sponsor of the event!

Optiform Indy Ten Miler

Look closely – you’ll see our names on the back!

Jim Middleton and his Twin Boys

Matt, Jim, and Sean Middleton

Team Optiform at Indy Ten Miler

Tiffany, Brittney, and Shannon Crane, Laurie and Bob Johnson, Nicki Laycoax, and Maggie Walsh

Indy Ten Miler 2016 Starting Line

And we’re off!

Shannon and Tiffany Crane

Tiffany & Shannon Crane – daughter-in-law / mother-in-law bonding

Maggie -Sharon-Canal-Ten-Miler

Maggie Walsh and Sharon Middleton

Jim Middleton with Sean, Matt, and Jordan

The 10 milers: Matt, Sean, and Jim Middleton and Jordan Crane

Brittney Crane Wins 3rd Place

Go Brittney!

Indy Ten Miler Group on Canal

Nicki Laycoax, Laurie Johnson, Sharon Middleton, Aaron Schafer, and Bob Johnson on the Canal: We are Indy!

Optiform Indy Ten Miler Winners

Our top finishers! Brittney Crane, Laurie Johnson, Bob Johnson, and Sharon Middleton

Jordan, Matt, JIm, Sean

Jordan Crane, Matt, Jim, and Sean Middleton

Team Optiform Indy Ten Miler

Most of our crew after the race! Matt, Sean, Jim, Sharon, Shannon, Aaron, Nicki, Jordan, Tiffany, and Brittney. We took too long to take our picture, so Maggie is missing. 🙂

Indy Ten Miler Awards

The awards!

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