Repurpose Old File Cabinets After Digital Transformation

By Optiform Blogger, May 17, 2019


Now that you’ve digitized all your documents, repurpose the file cabinets

We encourage readers like you to take the time to scan and digitize your business documents with our favorite document scanners. When the digitization process is complete and you are left with empty file cabinets, just tossing them sounds wasteful. We thought that a post demonstrating creative options for upcycling/repurposing file cabinets would be helpful!

What can you do with an empty file cabinet?

The answer to this question eluded us. Naturally, we went to Pinterest to see what others were doing with their unnecessary file cabinets.

Among our favorite suggestions were:

  • Planters
    • File cabinets in the upright position with the drawers serving as flower pots
    • Cabinets in lying on their back side with the drawers removed, filled with dirt, and beautiful plants
  • Address displays
    • We loved the cabinet on its back side filled with plants and shrubs, painted, and displaying the address of the home or business on the side
  • Tool organizer
    • One Pinterest crafter painted their cabinet and used it as a holder for garden utensils/tools and other items you may find in a garage
  • Wine fridge
    • We are wine lovers here. The wine fridge may just be the winner here.
  • Kitchen cart
    • We always need extra storage in the kitchen! This crafty person painted their two-drawer cabinet, topped it with a wood block, added grill utensil hangers on the side and used it as a cart. Pretty cool!

Check out the pins below. We hope they inspire you to digitize your documents and start repurposing your file cabinets today!

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