Scanning Best Practices – The Difference in Dots Per Inch

By Optiform Blogger, July 18, 2017


Guest post written by Vaughn Minger, ECMM CaptureP; Sales Engineer in the Fujitsu Computer Products of America Imaging Products Group. For other useful document imaging tips, feel free to reach out to Vaughn directly by phone: 515-210-4748 or email him at Tell him Optiform sent you. fujitsu-document-scanners

The Difference is in the Dots

Document imaging or scanning has vastly improved in the last decade. Better cameras, use of LED lighting and more intelligent scanner drivers are producing the best quality images ever. All these factors mean we can now scan at a lower DPI and still read barcodes. We can produce a file that is smaller, easier to store, and it is faster to retrieve it!

“Dots per inch”, otherwise known as dpi, is represented by the graphics above. The more dots you have, the more black pixels you have which equals a larger file size, and more importantly, a better image! Machine print text or handwriting that is smooth and not broken up or pixelated from scanning process makes the finished product more like the original document. These true images make the archive of your scanned documents more accurate, valuable, and professional.

Your scanner should scan at rated speeds at 200, 240 and 300 DPI duplex color. Anything less and you slow down your office. When batch scanning, a simple barcode separator sheet is a valuable tool. Today we can read that barcode from an image at 200 dpi or higher. Always remember if you want to check the actual quality of a scanned document don’t trust your monitor or the thumbnail/viewer in your capture application; print the document to a laser printer.


When are higher dpi’s recommended?

Photographs, finger print cards, college transcripts, vehicle titles, and anytime you are doing data extraction/forms recognition or creating OCR text searchable images.

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