Stop “mistreating” documents during scanning.

By Optiform Blogger, June 19, 2019


Business people still love (and keep) paper. So let’s stop “mistreating” documents during scanning.

While there’s a buzz around the words “digital transformation” these days, a huge number of organizations still run on paper. More than three-quarters of global professionals still rely on paper at work. More than one half say they are “emotionally attached” to paper documents.¹ So why do we “mistreat” our documents during the capture process?

Torn or crumpled papers result in headaches down the line, adding costs and impeding efficiency. And without intelligent capture solutions, critical data never makes it into business workflows. Here’s how four smart scanning features protect business data as it moves through an organization.

  1. Sorting: The key to reducing pesky pre- and post-scanning tasks

    Before information can be captured, employees have to remove staples, insert header sheets, or sort documents by type or department. After scanning, they index documents, correct errors, or remove exception pieces that need to be returned to owners.

    These tedious tasks are a major productivity roadblock. New sorting functionality built into scanners from Alaris reduces both pre- and post-scanning workloads. Whether it’s automatically depositing patch sheets into a separate bin for reuse, or isolating documents like stock certificates and driver’s licenses, automating these tasks is a big time-saver.

  2. Four-layer document protection: Keeping papers intact

    If you’ve experienced a multi-document train wreck, where one sheet gets caught in the transport and sets off a chain reaction of trapped or torn papers, you know the importance of protection.

    Length detection guards against papers getting stuck or overlapped and appearing as one long document, when they are really two documents. Ultrasonic double document detection ensures that only one document enters the scanner at a time. Intelligent Document Protection “listens” for telltale crumpling sounds and stops the scanning process to protect the papers. And metal detection prevents forgotten staples and paper clips from throwing a wrench into the process and scratching the scanner glass.

  3. Barcode and data extraction: Getting the most out of your data

    Barcodes provide essential data for document indexing. When barcodes aren’t interpreted until after documents have been scanned, critical data can be lost. New scanners from Alaris read the barcodes during scanning. They capture a high-resolution raw version of the barcodes, which is more easily interpreted through barcode recognition engines, resulting in fewer cases in which employees have to manually enter data due to a blurry barcode that software couldn’t read.

  4. Intelligent printing: Making it easier to track documents

    Disorganized documents are a pricey threat to business workflows. A global survey by the market intelligence firm IDC found that inefficient document management costs organizations $19,732 per information worker per year.² Now, features on scanners from Alaris help track paper documents by physically or digitally printing on them to automate tiresome tasks and track data.

Let us help you better handle and protect documents and streamline your digital life. If you’d like to see all the ways new scanning technology can dramatically increase productivity while saving time and money, get in touch with us at Optiform today by phone at 317-822-8150, email to, or visit our Alaris selection of document scanners. You can also earn up to $12,600 when you trade in your old scanner now.

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