Tackle Data Chaos With Intelligent Information Management

By Optiform Blogger, January 2, 2018


Transform Data Chaos into Intelligent, Usable Information

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) believes digital transformation is more than conventional change. Digital transformation is about using information in brand new ways. Digital transformation success or failure fundamentally rests upon radically redefined experiences with customers, employees, and partners.

C-level execs are driving digital transformation initiatives, but executing a successful project is harder than ever. Traditional information management methods are struggling to keep up with the the reality is constant stream of data coming into organizations.

John Mancini, Chief Evangelist at AIIM, discussed 5 questions every organization needs to answer about information chaos – or risk the failure of all of those well-intentioned digital transformation initiatives.

  1. Why is the “information chaos” problem particularly challenging right now?
  2. What are the business implications of failing to solve the “chaos” problem?
  3. Where can you start? How can you begin to break the cycle of information chaos?
  4. What is the role of machine learning and intelligent capture in breaking the chaos cycle?
  5. How is all of this changing content management?

Download this Tip Sheet from AIIM to learn about the specific elements of Intelligent Information Management that can help turn information chaos into business value. If you’re interested in finding out how capture solutions that are a part of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem reduce data chaos with improved business workflows, Contact Us today.


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