Top 3 Infographics of 2017

By Optiform Blogger, January 15, 2018


Top ECM and Digitial Transformations Infographics of 2017

Structured vs Unstructured Documents Infographic

Understanding the type of documents that are being processed within your organization. When you are planning an ECM project, it is important to have an good idea of what type of documents that you need to plan for so you can purchase the appropriate software to perform your data capture tasks. This infographic does a nice job of highlighting the most common types of each category of documents.




Invoice Processing Automation Infographic

When we speak with Accounts Payable managers and supervisors, they come to us looking for a solution to assist them with moving their invoices from point of entry into their organization through the processing lifecycle and into paid status with their vendors. This infographic has been a popular one with demonstrating the simple way that automation software simplifies the invoice processing lifecycle.



200dpi vs 300dpi Infographic

This is another question that we receive when speaking with incoming leads and customers: Which dpi should my scanner be set to when scanning incoming documents for digitizing and automating the data capture process? We thought it would be great to show you what it would look like if you used 200 dpi or 300 dpi and whether you were using greyscale or color documents.



Now that you’ve seen these, do you have further questions that can help us create additional infographics or help you to get started on your ECM project? We would love to talk! Please start by using our contact form or give us a call at 317-822-8150.

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