Transform Your Mailroom Into an Efficient Digital Center

By Optiform Blogger, October 17, 2017


You’ve Got Mail!

Those three little words may remind you of AOL. They may remind you of the romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. They may also remind you that you’ve got mail sitting in your office mailroom or somewhere in transit to your desk that you need to complete a business process.

What it reminds us of are the ways that you can modernize your mail distribution in your office.

Sifting through the junk

Let’s face it. No one truly enjoys getting junk mail. Some of it is fun, but it isn’t something that most look forward to.

Wouldn’t it be great to receive only the mail that you need to do your job at work?

Classification to automate mail sorting

The term classification may be used synonymously to sorting when it comes to mailroom automation. A digital mailroom equipped with OCR software, which recognizes the types of documents entering the organization, aids in the reduction of manual sorting processes. The less your mailroom staff has to think about where to send incoming documents, the faster the mail will be delivered digitally.

Of course, when you implement a digital mailroom solution, your results won’t be perfect on day one. The software needs time to become familiar with your incoming mail language to understand and accurately identify the proper recipient. Patience will yield great results.

Capturing metadata for search and retrieval

Have you ever lost a piece of mail? Digitizing the incoming pieces of mail by scanning them with a document scanner can be a godsend for your team. Not only do digital documents stored in an Enterprise Content Management software make mail delivery efficient, but it also provides you with peace of mind that no matter how messy your desk may be, you’ll always be able to find said documents.

Sounds great, yes?

We think so too. Below is a video from Kofax which demonstrates a digital mailroom in action. Check it out and contact us for questions and pricing.

You can start on our contact form or you can call direct at 317-822-8150. Hope to hear from you soon!

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