[VIDEO] Fujitsu fi-7600 Speeds Through Business Card Scans

By Optiform Blogger, July 31, 2017


Our “Will it Scan?” version of Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?”

Have you ever seen the “Will It Blend?” YouTube series? It is one of my favorites. The Blendtec brand uses shock and awe as a marketing strategy in these videos. Tom knows that their blender will blend materials that aren’t meant for consumption, but to demonstrate the power of the Blendtec motor, he pushes the limits anyhow.

Some of the best examples, which I’ve listed below, are an iPhone and a Selfie Stick. Check them out:

iPhone 7

Selfie Stick


How can we top this?

Well, I don’t know that scanning business cards really compares to blending up metal in a small kitchen appliance, but we did our best.

In the Fujitsu Road Show demonstration performed by Vaughn Minger (a recent guest blogger), I got curious. He said that the fi-7600 would scan documents ranging in weight from as thin as tissue paper up to something as heavy duty as thick card stock. Because I am a business card weight snob, we have pretty sturdy cards here at Optiform. If I would have had a booklet of tissue paper, I would have taken him up on that example, but the only thing I had that compared were my business cards.

I handed Vaughn a stack of around 10 of them and what happened next was quite impressive.

The Fujitsu fi-7600 is amazing

I know, I know… It’s just a document scanner. How amazing can it actually be?

Watch the video. It’s short. There is sound, so if you are at work, you may want to turn the volume down. It’s just a little instrumental hype music, but in a quiet library or front office setting, it may be a little loud for your surroundings.


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