What Are The Benefits Of A New Document Scanner?

By Optiform Blogger, July 16, 2018


Top Reasons To Trade In Your Old Scanner


The scanner in your office works alright. The majority of the documents you scan come out clear enough. You don’t experience a lot of downtime, so why should you consider upgrading?

Get the Full Scoop: Why You Should Upgrade Document Scanners

Technology & Compatibility

OS Upgrades

As with most technology, system upgrades can lead to software, plug-in, or peripheral inefficiencies or worse yet; the inability to function. I am sure you have heard friends complain about their phone not doing what they hoped after upgrading to the latest OS. Same goes for your computer OS upgrades. Upgrades to Window 10 specifically have been the culprit for many programs either not functioning properly or at all.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but if your office is planning to upgrade to Windows 10, you may find yourself experiencing issues with scanner operation. Upgrading your document scanners as you upgrade your OS is a wise move to ensure that you do not experience downtime.

LED Lighting

As many of you have changed your light bulbs at home from incandescent to LED, document scanner vendors have upgraded their scanner lights to LED. Not only is it an energy-saver, but it also removes the warm-up time when you power your scanner on. How great would it be to not have to wait for your scanner to warm up? (maybe we should have listed this one first)…

Full-Speed Ahead

When you are in a rush, or may just not be the greatest at getting your documents lined up just right, you rely on auto-orientation, auto-cropping, and deskew features. In the past, older model scanners presented a slight lag when performing these actions. The new scanners maintain full-speed while performing these necessary tasks.

Leave The Dust Behind

Have you ever seen streaking on your scans because there was dust on the scanner? With Perfect Page technology inside the Alaris brand scanners, you won’t have to worry about that. Not just dust, but other elements you don’t really have a lot of control over like holes in documents, torn edges and images not quite bright enough will all be addressed while you scan.

Cost Savings

You can expect to save up to 42% on the new scanner service contract. If you’ve purchased a service contract in the past, you’ll be pleased that in addition to all the great scanner upgrades, you will also save money here. (There is a promotion running until October 31, 2018. Be sure to check it out)

Money Back / Trade-In Value – Win Win

Rather than leaving your old scanner in a storage closet, putting it in the trash, or taking it to a thrift store, trading in the old model helps to make the purchase even sweeter. Alaris offers trade-in value and they also take the scanner off your hands with their recycle program. It’s a win all around.

See the full line of Alaris scanners that Optiform is authorized to present you in this pdf. 

Check out the current service contract deal. 

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Thanks for reading, and happy scanning!

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