Why You Should Update Hardware AND Software When Update Your OS

By Optiform Blogger, October 1, 2018


Before Updating to the Latest OS, Check Hardware & Software Compatibility

When I started writing this post, the initial goal was to write about specific issues pertaining to specific software and scanners for which we are getting support tickets. After further discussion with the team, it seemed best to just put out a general reminder that if you are going to be updating your computer’s operating system, you should consider how that will affect any of the software and drivers you have installed and use on a regular basis to support business processes which you’ve automated.

Recent Issues After OS Updates

We have recently seen an influx of software compatibility support tickets coming through the doors (support form). Some of the latest tickets are centered around the latest Windows OS updates. They have affected two of our most popular product lines: Kodak Document Scanners and OpenText TeleForm data capture software.

Recently, we shared an update about the Kodak Alaris i2000 Series scanners being replaced with the S2000 Series. This was actually the beginning of the discovery of Windows updates affecting scanner operation. Our Alaris rep gave us a heads up that some of their scanners were simply not compatible any longer with the latest Windows OS updates.

That brings us to our next point: End of Life Products

Change is evident. Updates and upgrades happen frequently in technology.  The primary reason to stay up to date on what’s new and what’s changing with the products your team uses is to ensure that you don’t experience downtime when these changes take place. Stay up to date on announcements about products that have reached their end of life by subscribing to our newsletter. We share software release notes and product announcements in general. You can also reach out at any time on our website to contact us directly to get the latest Optiform supported product details.

Are you experiencing issues?

If you have recently updated your OS and your scanner or data capture software have been acting up, the recent update could be the culprit. Reach out to our support team. They can help troubleshoot.

That brings up one other great point – be sure that you have a trusted VAR (Value Added Reseller) to support your business process automation needs and also be sure that you have an active support agreement with them and that your upgrade assurance contracts are current. Issues that arise when you go through update processes will be far easier to manage if you have all contracts current and a trusted support partner like Optiform in place.

Reach out if you need us!

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