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Optiform is a leader in Enterprise Content and Document Management systems and has a proven record of implementing Content Management Systems. Document and Content Management are the core of your system. It connects to all other aspects of your process including your forms processing, data capture, storage, and workflow systems. Integration of your content management system to your other systems is a key to success.

Important Features of content management systems:

  • Retrieval
  • User auditing
  • Version management
  • Ability to search by key values.
  • Full-Text searching ability
  • File retention
  • Automatic Purging
  • Automatic archive to storage system

Web-enabling content allows you to share your content with remote users. With proper installation, your users will be able to access the content at a remote office, home office, or abroad.

Linking to your business process system for incoming documents and to start new processes is also an important feature that will empower your users with accurate documents and data from the start of the process.

Contact us today to evaluate your document management requirements and allow us to help you build a customized solution that will fit your needs today and in the future!

  • Application Xtender

  • Application Xtender

    OpenText ApplicationXtender electronically stores, organizes, and manages documents, files, and other business-critical information, and provides fast, security-controlled access to information from Microsoft® Windows or Web-based clients.