FineReader Server


Functionality & Purpose

Convert a large number of documents into full-text searchable formats to build or optimize your existing archive.

FineReader Server 3.0 offers both full-text conversion and indexing of image-based documents. Documents can be converted to PDF, XML, and other formats, and critical fields can be prompted for indexing by the operator. Its easy-to-use integration tools help deliver data directly into your archive, SharePoint® or any other back-end system.

FineReader Server 3.0 with the Google Search Appliance™ (GSA) and Microsoft® IFilter modules work as a background OCR service that helps organizations unlock and access documents saved in image-based formats. FineReader Server 3.0 gives enterprise organizations an automatic and cost-effective way to organize and access knowledge that was hidden from search results in the past.

FineReader Server 3.0 provides a flexible and accurate technology resource at the very front of the e-Discovery process. While much of e-evidence is in a searchable electronic format, email attachments of scanned PDF, JPEG or TIFF image files are not usually searchable. You can quickly and easily convert “locked” or non-searchable documents into searchable files with Bates stamping while keeping the native format retained and then pass them to searchable archives.

As a 24/7 OCR service, every employee in your organization can have access to FineReader Server 3.0’s OCR capabilities without installation on each workstation in the local network. Simply drag and drop the desired document into the specified folder to convert and deliver accurate searchable results.

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Product Features

Over 20 years of recognition technology experience powers FineReader Server 3.0 to ensure the accurate conversion of text, even from low-quality images.

Parallel processing allows FineReader Server 3.0 to maximize its capacity by automatically distributing the workload. Processing performance can easily be increased by using additional workstations and CPU cores.

Fault Tolerance
Stability and fault tolerance is ensured by integrated functions, such as job and server logging, OCR auto-start, management processes after restart and others.

FineReader Server 3.0 can be used either as a standalone solution or interact with external applications. Integration scripts, XML-Ticket Support, COM-based API and Web Service API are available. MultilingualFineReader Server 3.0 recognizes documents in more than 190 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and Thai.

Integration Features
FineReader Server 3.0 can easily be integrated with external applications like Enterprise Content Management and workflow systems, expanding existing applications and automated workflows.

SharePoint connector is available out-of-the-box. For integrating with other systems or implementing web services or other service-oriented applications. FineReader Server 3.0 offers several integration options, including Scripting, XML-Ticket Support*, COM-based API*, Web Service API*. * This functionality is provided as an additional module.

Enterprise Search Systems
FineReader Server 3.0 enables complete text search capabilities for SharePoint, Microsoft Search, and Google Search Appliance (GSA) systems. With Recognition Server 3.0 providing full-text recognition technologies, image-based documents like TIFFs, JPEGs, PDFs and others can be easily converted into fully searchable data for your SharePoint, MS Search, and GSA. Recognition Server 3.0 gives enterprise organizations an automatic and cost-effective way to organize and access knowledge that was hidden from search results in the past.

Google Search Appliance (GSA)
FineReader Server 3.0 for the GSA runs automated and unattended, extracting text results from image-based documents and delivering results to the GSA. The system searches specified network file shares and nested subfolders, picks any image files and sends them to Recognition Server for OCR. FineReader Server 3.0 picks up the OCR results and submits the recognized document text to GSA in an XML feed with a link to the original image.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Windows Search Graphical documents with content that cannot be indexed are sent to FineReader Server 3.0, which recognizes the documents and returns the results to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or Windows Search for indexing, after which the documents become available for full-text search.


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