Kofax Transformation Modules


Eliminating Manual Entry

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) streamline the transformation of business documents into structured electronic information by automating the process of document classification and data extraction. Using learn-by-example techniques for document classification, separation, and extraction, solutions can be configured and optimized quickly and cheaply.

Wherever incoming documents drive transactions, organizations will benefit from reduced operating costs, increased productivity, better data quality and improved compliance. Kofax Transformation Modules are the most complete and versatile document transformation offering on the market, processing forms, invoices, correspondence and any other document type on a single platform.

Kofax Transformation Modules also integrate seamlessly with Kofax Capture, giving access to the widest range of document scanners and back-end storage solutions, and benefiting from its distributed capture, high availability and enterprise capabilities.


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    Kofax Transformation Modules

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Organizations need Kofax Capture If They

Kofax Transformation Modules are document classification and data extraction software that can process forms, invoices, correspondence and any other document type on a single platform. No additional products are required. If user requirements change over time, the system can be reconfigured to process new document types quickly and safely. Kofax Transformation Modules feature unique classification and separation technology that yields high accuracy on the most complex documents and a powerful set of extraction technologies that can be used in combination to yield maximum performance.

  • One product for all your documents
  • Class leading return on investment
  • A scalable solution – from department to enterprise
  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • The most powerful technology – lowest TCO
  • Leverage the power of Kofax Capture

Key Features

  • Browser-based Interfaces
  • 140 Languages supported
  • Leverages the power of Kofax Capture
  • Powerful data validation
  • Adaptive parallel processing

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