Kofax VRS

Clarity = Results

Simplifying & Time Saving

Reduce manual document scanning steps to removing staples and paper clips, stacking paper in feeder tray, and hitting the SCAN button.

Suncorp in Australia went paperless with Kofax in 4 months.


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    Kofax VRS

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Key features include: 

Advanced Clarity makes even “unreadable” images legible.

Automatic image orientation adjusts skewed images, even completely rotating upside down ones, so all captured images are oriented in the same direction.

Intelligently determines if a page is blank and can be eliminated from the workflow.

Correctly identifies and retains color when it is integral to a document (e.g., logo, photo, date stamp) and eliminates it when it is not (e.g., colored paper stock).

Removing image noise compacts file size, reducing network traffic and storage requirements.

Scanner Configuration Utility simplifies scanner set-up and selection.

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