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A Hybrid Solution

Whether implemented as a standalone application or as a client application with the Mi-Forms Server, the Mi-Forms Client provides an extremely intuitive user interface for data collectors.

Mi-Forms data forms utilize a hybrid solution where data is collected using digital ink much like paper forms, yet the forms provide all the power associated with electronic forms such as pre-filled data and real-time validations.  The Mi-Forms Client utilizes a synchronized connection with the Mi-Forms Server and can collect data when an Internet or network connection is not available.


For a sneak peek at the new intuitive, web-based form designer, watch the video here:


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Features & Functions

Whether implemented as a standalone application or as a client application with the Mi-Forms Server, the Mi-Forms Client provides everything that is needed to complete the other key steps in mobile data capture:

  • Prefill
  • Capture
  • Verify and Validate
  • Communicate

Prefill your forms with data you already have.

Data from another source may be pulled and used as prefilling information into a form. This reduces the amount of information needed for capture, reduces possible errors introduced without prefilling data, and allows captured data to be linked back to the original record source if needed.

Capture new data using a Tablet PC, Windows PC, or Digital Pen.

The Mi-Forms Client on a Tablet PC will convert handwriting into machine readable text as you write. Drawings, diagrams, and a number of other data sources may also be captured if needed (images, audio, barcodes, GPS, attachments of any files, etc.).

On a Windows XP PC or above, the Mi-Forms Client provides a keyboard and mouse entry interface for capturing data.

With Mi-Forms support for Anoto-based digital pens from Logitech (and other vendors as well), fill Anoto-based paper forms with the digital pen, dock the digital pen with your PC and Mi-Forms will capture and convert ink into machine readable form.

Verify the handwriting recognition results and validate data relationships (date / time evaluation, business rules, etc.) on your form.

On the Tablet PC, verification and validation checks are performed as the user is collecting data in real-time, at the scene of data collection.

For digital pens, verification and validation checks can be performed on the PC when the pen is docked,

Communicate and share your data with existing enterprise systems.

Data may be exported from the Mi-Forms Client to the centralized Mi-Forms Server and then to other existing data repositories or exported directly from the Mi-Forms Client. Recognized data (text), ink, and form page background data may be exported via a variety of formats (CSV, XML, ODBC, MSJet, Outlook, variety of image formats, etc.) Data exports may also be customized for greater flexibility in exporting your data to your existing data system, (i.e. HL7, SVG, etc.).

In fact, in each of the steps, Mi-Forms offers a host of options to provide you with the flexibility to implement mobile data capture applications in the way that best fits your organization’s needs.

Help Me Decide

Mi-Corporation has developed three user tiers to offer the most comprehensive Mobile Data Capture software system packages to meet the varying needs of Partners, IT professionals, and our clients.   If you need help selecting a user tier or licensing option, please contact us or complete the request a quote form and choose “Help Me Decide”

Mi-Forms Client
Handwriting Recognition
Paper-Like e-Forms Display
External device integration/interaction
Photo-image capture & annotation
Voice Recognition & Recording
Point-of-Entry Field Validation
Validation & Review Station
Pre-fill of form fields
Numerous flexible data exports
RFID Data Capture Fields
Barcode Data Capture Fields & Lookups
On Device Encryption of Data
Mi-Forms Designer
WYSIWYG Layout Tool for Form Design
Define Business and Data Verification Rules
Data Path Tech to Back-End Databases
CDISC/ODM Clinical Trial Data Palette Imports
IBM Lotus/Workplace/Pure-edge Forms Data Palette Imports
Designer licenses included (concurrent)1310*
Mi-Forms Server
Centralized Forms & User Management
HTML5 Mobile-Friendly web-forms
Desktop-based web-forms
iPad App access
Android App access
Form Version Control
Audit Trails
Organizational Unit Limit on Mi-Forms Server (HR, Ops, Sales for example)13Unlimited
Active Directory Support (single sign-on)
Offline Data Replicator module
Use Mi-Analytics to gain real-time insight into company operations
Mi-Forms SDK
.NET based powerful SDK for custom development, embedding Mi-Forms technology within other applications

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