ApplicationXtender Connector


Accessing Documents When You Need Them

Organizations continually face the challenge of how to access the right documents whenever they need them. OpenText ApplicationXtender Connector is designed to solve this challenge by making business-critical documents and information easily accessible. It delivers seamless content-enabling capabilities so that organizations can integrate their core business applications with OpenText ApplicationXtender content management software.

The File Cabinet Alternative


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    OpenText ApplicationXtender Connector

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Powerful Integrations

OpenText ApplicationXtender Connector’s powerful integration capabilities are achieved without the need for time-consuming API programming. With the OpenText ApplicationXtender Connector, users can instantly retrieve documents and information in the ApplicationXtender repository right from their core business applications. Users press a “hot key” or click a button and the ApplicationXtender Connector displays the documents. Requiring no additional user interaction, the OpenText ApplicationXtender documents are made available for review.


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