Role-based Access

OpenText ApplicationXtender electronically stores, organizes, and manages virtually any kind of business content. ApplicationXtender is easy to implement, integrate, and manage, providing instant, role-based access to content from either a desktop interface or web browser. As a result, you gain better decision-making, improved services levels, and increased productivity.

Based on an easy-to-use Microsoft® Windows/.NET-optimized system, ApplicationXtender integrates document imaging, report management, workflow, and document management services.

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Manage Application Resources

You can quickly deploy ApplicationXtender without programming or extensive customization, saving a substantial amount of time and money for your organization. Using the web-based XSAdmin tool, administrators can centrally configure and manage application resources such as application templates and repository parameters, storage devices, and business rules.  Remote management and monitoring services offer a central view of the application environment, enabling proactive management of application services and related resources.


  • High-speed integrated imaging, enterprise report management, and workflow.
  • Direct access to stored documents, reports, and information from virtually any Windows desktop application or web browser.
  • Easy integration with existing business applications – without programming.
  • Rapid deployment and easy administration.
  • Robust, DOD-certified records management and retention policy administration with Records Manager for ApplicationXtender.
  • Support for Windows 2010, Microsoft Office, and SharePoint.
  • Expanded partner integration options, including a new XML SOAP interface and web customization developer’s kit (CDK).
  • Easily allows end users to route documents from person to person (concurrently or simultaneously) without relying on IT to define a full workflow process.


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