As healthcare providers transition more toward posting insurance payments electronically from 835 electronic remittance advice (ERA) files, certain challenges can arise when moving away from processing paper-based Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms. This is mostly because ERAs have no human-readable documentation available for information systems which rely heavily on electronic images of paper. The Optiform 835XL™ processing utility solves this problem by automatically generating easy to read electronic images and associated index data from any insurance payer’s 835 electronic remittance advice.


835XL™ Generates Easy to Read Electronic Images to Improve the Insurance Payment Process



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A Single Point of View

Using this powerful utility, healthcare billing offices can now gain greater efficiencies by accessing patient-specific remittance advice information from a single point of view. The 835XL™ processing utility provides remarkably detailed reporting and allows healthcare providers to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Eliminates printing, filing or scanning of electronic EOBs
  • Allows EOB images from 835 ERAs to be viewed in conjunction with images scanned from paper EOBs in an existing imaging system
  • Makes retrieving EOB images faster in an existing imaging system by allowing claim level data fields to be used in a search query
  • Allows a patient financial system to link to EOB images
  • Allows images to be attached to existing denial management workflows
  • Produces HIPAA compliant images for submission to secondary insurance carriers
  • Runs as an unattended premise-based service or a secure cloud-based solution

The Optiform 835XL™ processing utility is built on top of a configurable, high-speed, image generator that is optimized for speed, as well as image size and quality. It runs as an unattended service and monitors an input folder for incoming 835 ERA files. Images with index data are then generated according to one or more job configurations and moved to designated output folders.

Customization Options

Each job configuration allows the following customizations:

  • Output network folder destination
  • Unique export filename for each image and index data file based on a combination of 835 fields
  • Selectable fields and formats to be included in the exported index data file
  • Selectable format of the exported index data file (.CSV or AX)
  • Images exported per claim or per 835 file

A service utility module is available to control which network folder will be polled for incoming images and where processed 835 files will be archived for preservation. It also allows configuration of a network folder for files that fail to process along with error log files, as well as email settings to send error alerts to an administrator. And, a task scheduler that controls when the 835XL™ processing utility runs to optimize bandwidth and server resources.

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