Human Readable Claim Forms For The Humans Reading Them

As healthcare providers transition more toward posting insurance claims electronically from 837 electronic claim files, certain challenges can arise when moving away from processing paper-based claim information forms. Optiform has developed a suite of products that automates the creation of human readable images for healthcare providers.

Optiform’s 837XL converts EDI 837 Dental Claims (ADA 2006), Professional Claims (HCFA 1500 and CMS 1500), and Institutional Claims (UB92 and UB04) into human readable forms.

The EDI 837 transaction set is the format established to meet HIPAA requirements for the electronic submission of healthcare claim information.

  • 837XL processes Dental, Professional and Institutional EDI 837 files
  • Creates images that are standard Claim forms (ADA2006,HCFA 1500, CMS 1500, UB92 and UB04)
  • Stand-alone processing that requires little or no interaction from an administrator
  • Installs and runs on-premise ensuring that no HIPAA data leaves the premise
  • Images can be easily stored in back-end image repositories giving customer service and providers easy access to claim information
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Compliance in Conversion

HIPAA compliance, accuracy and efficiency are of utmost concern when dealing with insurance claim forms. Optiform’s 837XL software ensures that administrator involvement remains at a minimum and that the EDI 837 forms are converted into human readable claim forms easily and accurately.

Customization Options

837XL offers many customization options as listed below allowing providers to share only the necessary information.

-Set Optional Fields (Field names can be included or redacted)

  • File Name in Header
  • Strip Site Name From File Name
  • Print Patient Name At End of Each Page
  • Print Page Number

-Ability to exclude almost any EDI segment data from the generate images


-Auto Form Selection

Dental Claims

  • ADA 2000
  • ADA 2004
  • ADA 2006 (NPI)

Professional Claims

  • HCFA 1500
  • CMS 1500 (NPI)
  • CMS 1500 02/12

Institutional Claims

  • UB 92
  • UB o4 (NPI)

Print Additional Pages

  • Additional Info
  • COB Info


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