Kofax Capture to iManage WorkSite Connector


Greater Productivity and Control

Using this powerful utility, WorkSite administrators can now gain greater productivity and control over their capture processes. The Optiform Kofax Capture to WorkSite Export Connector is easy to configure and ensures that documents exported from Kofax Capture are placed in the appropriate WorkSite folders with the proper document attributes and security settings. The custom export connector includes technical support and can be modified by Optiform for special applications.


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    Optiform Kofax Capture to iManage Worksite Connector

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Key Features

  • Supported versions include Kofax Capture v8, v9, or v10 and WorkSite v8 or v9.
  • Send TIF or PDF images to any WorkSite library, workspace, folder, and subfolder(s).
  • Browse or search for existing WorkSite folders and subfolders.
  • Dynamically create an export path and new folders based on multiple Kofax Capture field names.
  • Map document index fields in Kofax Capture to document attribute fields in WorkSite such as Document Class, Author, and Description.
  • Skip the first page during export when cover sheets are used.
  • Export full-text PDF files when the Kofax PDF+Text module is enabled.
  • Use a trusted or standard security login.
  • Inherit folder security from a parent folder or assign users or group security privileges.
  • Error checking ensures batches are exported correctly.

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