Streamlined Data Capture

All information of interest is captured automatically. Validation and verification of the invoices can also be handled automatically since the software comes equipped with country-specific profiles regarding tax rates, currencies, date formats etc.

The captured information is exported from INVOICES to your target system for coding, authorization, and approval from your accounts payable staff.

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Technical Capabilities

Self-learning technology
INVOICES automatically learns where to find the information of interest and consequently becomes even faster and more precise with time.

Automatic sorting
Suppliers and buyers are identified and compared with data imported from your financial system. The type (general expense or purchase order) is detected, as well as whether it is an invoice or a credit note.

Built-in support for regional variations
INVOICES comes equipped with ready-to-use sets of country-specific settings, including tax rates, date formats, currency characters, etc.

Automatic purchase order matching
INVOICES handles line item, which enables automatic purchase order matching so that invoices can be matched to purchase orders.

Automated validations
Automatic check of sums, tax amounts, and more.

Business system integration
INVOICES integrates seamlessly with most ERP systems on the market. ReadSoft has certified in-house integrations for SAP® and Oracle E-Business Suite.


  • Improve your bottom line
  • Improve financial control
  • Improve supplier relations
  • Improve satisfaction
  • Supports paper formats
  • Supports XML variations
  • Supports PDF’s and Images
  • Supports fax formats

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